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These are just some memes I had on my phone don't have enough to make a card based on groups.... so here you go
Don't live under my bed Hongbin live IN IT!
*whispers 'JYP'.... its not working Want be added to (or removed) from my taglist? I make cards related to BTS VIXX Got7 EXO Boys Republic & Topp Dogg @adritha13 @amberg171997 @Animezkpopgirl @GenevieveC @JackieG1617 @kennaxx @Kpopandkimchi @LinnyOk @MichelleIbarra @NydiaEdwards @princessfranki @Shadyllamas @SugaMint @Rebecca22 @TaehyungV
*whispers* JYP
Who is bean I need to know?!?!
@bloom199933 Hongbin of VIXX ❀
I love the one with Iggy, CL, Nikki and the one that looks like she was in Baddest Female. What was the one where Jin, Jungkook and Jimin look terrified and Namjoon's face is priceless, what dod Suga say? Is there a video of it?
@SerenaArthurs I'm not sure what video it's from sorry 😐