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That was the last time I saw and heard from him. Months after that things were much easier for me but then again not. I had another obstacle to cross. * Tick tock Tick tock* Time slowly pass as I sit in the same old office. The same time every other day. I guess you could say I was used to it all but it was always a tiring place to be after awhile. Sadly, to my umma I still needed help which is somewhat true but I’m not bad as before as she thinks. My umma: A beautiful Korean woman in her early 40’s. A woman whom I am forever greatful to for taking care of a child most people would leave behind.  Especially since her parents were against the idea for taking care of a foreign child. I swear I’m totally fine now though. I can go out alone now with little to no accident and I can speak to people. Well… kind of. I mean I still stutter here and there but when i'm comfortable it gets better. Plus, my bad thoughts are no longer a problem either. I want her to know im better from what I used to be as a little 9 year old. I’m older and I want to live out my dreams. My dreams? Well, I want to study music and dance in my umma’s home country. I’ve always loved the Korean culture and their entertainment industry. Even though she likes the idea of me following my dreams she's afraid . I understand her concern to a certain extent , but how can I improve if I don't get full exposure? It seems scary but I feel like im ready to take that big step. That's why im still in this boring office. “ Do you honestly think she's ready, Doc? “ she asked with worry spelled out on her face. “ Sarang has improved tremendously throughout these past few years. I believe if she starts living on her own , she will be even better.  She needs to learn how to do things on her own now and this is the perfect opportunity.  How could we shackle a well bird to her cage without letting it flutter at least once in awhile? “ the creepy peppermint smiled at me as he talked to her. I swear there is something pervy and weird about that man but that's another story to tell one day. “ That is true but what do you exactly suggest ? “ she asked. “ Well, the obvious thing to do is put her into a study abroad program. I don't mind continuing our session via skyhigh cam. Also, the best for you to do miss is to keep in contact with her for emotional support.” Dr.Peppersmith said reassuringly. “If you think so sir… I guess it won't be a bad idea to do so. Let’s go home , Sarang. I’ll call you later doctor. “ we bowed and made our way out. Thank you creepy peppermint! ! Korea, here I come!! Yongguk POV *Daegu, South Korea* A sight left me as I sat in the front room of my house. Lyrics continuing to run through my mind as I wait for my family to walk through the door. *Young ,Wild, and Free ringtone* “ Ye, yeoboseyo?” “ Ah, is this Taemin and Haru’s appa? “ I heard a familiar male voice sound over the phone. It was Jung seonsaengnim. “ Ne, is there something wrong?” I asked a bit worried. “ Nothing to worry about Mr.Bang. Mrs. Bang didn't come again today so I’m walking the kids home. I was just calling to notify you we are almost to the door.” he reassured me. I heard a buzz at the door. “ Here I come.” I said hanging up and unlocking the door. “ Appa!” Taemin my 5 year old squishy ball of joy, cried as he ran into my arms. “ Ya, stop crying! You know that ahjumma wasn't coming anyway. “ Haru, my 9 year old daughter said angrily. “ Haru - “ I said sternly and her face softened with a mutter of sorry. “ I truly apologize, Jung seonsaengnim. You always do this when you don't have to. I could've picked them up from school. You and me both know how the Mrs. is sometimes.” I awkwardly laughed rubbing my nape.  Poor guy always deals with my family’s crap. He must be tired of us by now. “ Ani!  It’s all fine. I don't mind taking the kids home sometimes. Your kids are such a joy to be around.” he smiled brightly. He came closer to me and whispered, “ Haru did run into a few problems with her teachers today. I tried to get them off her case but it seems they really dislike her because of the Mrs. “ . I nodded with a sigh. “ Well, thank you for at least trying Saem ( nickname for teacher.)” “ Like I said, I don't mind it at all.” He smiled and waved a goodbye to the kids. “ Haru… what did I tell you about calling your umma ahjumma?” I asked seriously. “ She's my umma blah blah blah.  I know but why should I if she doesn't acts like one? “ She retorted. I huffed, “ Please Haru, not today.” she rolled her eyes but for the moment I ignored the child and comforted her little brother. “ How about this: You guys go get washed up while I cook us up some dinner and we’ll watch Frozen while eating dessert?” “ Frozen!?” they botched squealed in unison and ran to their rooms. I began making the food for the kids. * Door opens* “ Yeobo Yeobo!? I’m home!” Hara entered the house looking godly beautiful like usual but I didn't let that cloud my mind. I glared at her judgingly. “ Don't look like that ! It’s scary honestly Gukkie.” she said putting down her bags on the couch. I looked back at the food and continued to cook the kid’s food. “ Honey, did you forget something?” I asked. “ Mm, I have my phone, my purse…. Mm yeah I do.” she looked at me innocently. I sighed for the 100th time today. “ Are you sure you didn't forget to pick up something? “ her eyes widen in realization. I hummed and nodded my head. “ Schedule. “ she simply said looking through her bags. “ Yeah, schedule…” I scuffed. “ I’m sorry Gukkie~ ~” she pouted. “ I wish you would have at least warned me or at least notify Jung seonsaengnim. “ I said putting the kid’s food onto the table. “ Gukkie, mian~ ~” she looked at me with puppy eyes. Why am I so weak? Honestly, she is too cute for words. I tried my best to hold back a smile. “ Im not the one you should be apologizing to. Jung seonsaengnim and the kids suffered the most.” I said. “ Gukkie~” she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. I mentally melted at the small gesture. I sighed into her lips knowing I got caught up again. “ Fine, just try to warn people next time.” I said giving her another peck. She smiled in victory. “ Kids get your food!!” I called out. Haru rushed in excitedly but her smile fell with a scuff. Taemin followed suite and sat at the table. “ Umma is so sorry kids. I was working hard for you guys. I hope you understand.” Hara said in her aegyo voice. “ more like fucking around.” Haru said under her breath. I looked at her surprised. When did she learn to talk that way? “ Bang Haru! We will not use that language nor will you use it in front of your Umma. Go get my stick, now!!” I scolded. “ No! I do not care about what you say anymore, appa! I’m going to my room. Dont ever talk to me ever again!!” I was about to snatch her but a hand stopped me. I looked to the owner and she shook her head. I could tell Hara was sad but she held it in. “ Gukkie, it’s okay. She’s just going through her rebel stage. Pretty soon she’ll get over her hatred towards me.” Hara sighed as she looked at Taemin. “ You still love mommy right?” she asked. Taemin looked perplexed and didn't respond which earned a sigh from me. “ Fine, I’ll be nice this time.” I said getting up going to Haru’s room. * knock knock* “ Go away! I hate you.” I sighed and looked at her door. “ Appa is sorry for yelling at you. I know you had a bad day and should've held my anger but you know what you said was wrong Haru.” I said softly but loud enough for her to hear me. “ I-I know.. Im sorry appa but I still feel the same towards her.” “ Sarang -” “ though it was uncalled for me to say that…..” She said while opening the door. “ Go apologize,  Haru.” I said and she nodded a bit reluctantly. We both walked back to the kitchen. “ I apologize for what i said earlier.  It was uncalled for and i feel bad not really but. -” “ Haru…” I scolded. “ Okay Im sorry. “ she pouted and a smile painted Hara's face. “ Well, now that's settled. Gukkie I have ran into something that would be a great addition to the family!” Hara chirped. “ Oh god what is it this time? “ I said leaning on the sink. “ Well~~ you know my friend Diana -” “ Yeah, the one who always put crazy ideas in that small little head of yours.” “ Hey!!” the kids laughed happily. " you little brats ~~!!" she scuffed. " Anyway darling, my good friend Diana gave me a good idea." " Oh god what is it?" I said. "Well, she and her husband became a host family for studying abroad students. Apparently, the kid helped out with the kids and the house...... I was thinking maybe.." " Wait, you want another kid but can barely remember to pick up your own kid?" I laughed and Haru scuffed in the background. " No fair Gukkie it was an accident~ ~ plus the kid would be practically grown and they could help out with the kids. Plus since you got promoted you will be home less often also. " she said with pleading eyes. "Why can't we just get a babysitter?" I said " Because I already signed us up ! Plus, we get to choose !!" "Bwo? Hara, seriously." " im sure the kids would love a new sibling to take them places!” she cheer " Kids what do you think about this?" I turned to them. " I don't mind it if we get to choose." Haru stated and Taemin nodded mindlessly while stuffing himself. "But but.. I wanted to pick. " Hara pouted . "Whelp, the kids has spoken so show them the list Hara." sometimes I feel like Im raising more than 2 kids.... "Fine" she said handing her phone over with the profiles/applications of the students. Haru and taemin huddled around the device discussing their decision. My cute little Ceos Haru Pov I took the list from ahjumma in hopes to find someone better than her. Someone daddy can love instead of her. I know daddy's ideal types but it was hard to find any around his age. " Noona what about her!" Taemin bounced around . " woah good watching out minnie" I said looking at the Unnie he picked. A 17 year old girl named Sarang that's from the U.S. She loves music and makes her own !! Daddy does too. She's really pretty and friendly looking even though her skin is a bit darker but she's pretty none the less.
" You found your new Unnie? " Appa asked while looking at the phone. " Lee Sarang. 17 , born in the U.S , musician, a dancer and a good student.... Humm not bad " Appa said looking at in amusement.  I think minnie hit the jackpot! Yongguk pov As I read the profile I was surprised about the girl’s talent. She looks like someone we all can get along with. I guess this a good opportunity to work with someone that's  musically talented and might have a different style. It’s not that bad of an idea this time. Haru pov " Ahh woah she's really pretty and smart~~ but I heard black teens are hard to handle. You know .... Gangster life.." she said oh so ignorantly. " Not, all African American teens are like that Hara... " Appa defended. " That's right Appa plus minnie really likes her. " I said. " Ne~~" Taemin jumped. " well , that's that. We got a new kid ..,." Appa said. We sent our request to the people and we got confirmed. Welcome to our family unnie.
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