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So, I'm going to run through the basics of my diet plan to get started. Here's a little something to keep in mind: 1. A clear goal 2. Support There are studies that show that people who have support are more likely to keep track of their goal as well as be more positive about it. My family was a big help in this. So reach out to your friends and family. Don't be embarrassed about asking because I'm sure they'll be willing to help you and keep you in track.
After telling my family about my plans to lose weight, I had to figure out what my goal was. I used something similar to the chart above to determine where would be a healthy mark. I am 5'4 and weighed about 135 lbs originally. So I set my goal for 115 lbs. (I weigh about 120 lbs now) In addition to this goal, I also had a dress that I wanted to wear but couldn't properly fit into. That became my dress size goal. So if you want to add a little something to your finish line, go take a peak at that dress or shirt you've been eyeing and make it your goal. (And if you ever need a little inspiration to push you on, choose a role model. Mine was Kang So Ra and looking at her really pushed me sometimes) Please do a comfortable weight goal for you though. Everybody has a wonderful body and please keep yours healthy :)
Now, to get started on actually losing weight. My big thing was eating too much and not exercising at all. (Cause, you know, food is always good and I'm just too lazy) This had to change so I decided to focus on diet foods as well as exercising. (As a girl, you have to actually diet as well as exercise if you want to lose weight a bit quicker...unlike boys, who, for the most part, simply either just have to watch what they eat or exercise) Let's break those two down.
The most helpful way to diet, in my opinion, is to calorie count. To do this, I highly recommend getting a little journal dedicated to writing down what you eat every day. This is tedious, but I promise it helps you watch yourself. Next, you need to determine how many calories you can eat every day. You can do this online. The website should tell you how many calories to eat to maintain your weight, to lose weight, or to lose weight quickly. Here is the link: The amount of calories you choose to eat then works as your food money. So, write down your starting point in your journal. As you eat throughout the day, keep note of what you eat and how much calories that certain food is. Slowly subtract from your original calories as you go along your day. (I'll talk about what to eat more on my next card) If you happen to go over, breath! Don't freak out! It's okay to go over every once in a while and the fact that you'll be exercising will let's move onto that portion.
Exercising was a struggle cause I am such a lazy person. You have to move. Like, seriously, who wants to move? But being on a treadmill by myself and watching kpop videos? Time flies by so quickly! So, get on a treadmill or go for a walk at least 30 minutes a day with some kpop! Don't think of the time at all and just keep in mind that you're about 6 kpop videos away from a day of nice exercise :) Personally, I tended to stay on the treadmill for about an hour to an hour and a half. Afterwards, I went on and blasted some kpop music and just danced around for an extra 30 minutes. The amount of sweat builds up eventually and you feel great and energized. (The big rule is that you shouldn't just be slowly dancing around though, you need to be hopping up and down for each and every song.) So I ended up exercising for two hours, but keep in mind that I only did it every other day. After all that high energy fun though, there's a time to cool down. So, put on something slow and take a seat. Then, follow through on some sit ups. Do as many as you can do, but keep in mind how many so you can slowly add up on it. Finish it up with some stretching and you're all good to go! Please always stay hydrated when exercising!!!
So, those were my two focuses. The next part and next card, I will discuss the big question. How do you determine what to eat? I'll put up some recipes and diet foods that I found that were inspired by some girl group diets. Also, Korean food, or Asian food in general, are great things to cook to keep your calorie count on track. I'll also see if I can set up some track lists, but these are so much fun to do by yourself. (Plus, you can make up your own dances to complicated songs...I know I did >.<)
So many things and so little time. I dumped so many things on you guys so I hope everything made sense, but if you have any questions, please go ahead and leave me a comment. If you have something more private to ask or just need some support, go ahead and drop me a message ^^ Also, if you want to be tagged, let me know! @sukkyongwanser @MrsKyuhyunCho @pharmgirlerin @vicky1990 @Kpossible4250 @HerosBells @Keniaaxox
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