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I don't even know what to say. I thought these fake people were my friends but they all stupid and ugh....Why would I ever be friends with these fake people??? Ugh, this is actually why I hate people. Especially all these fake people. (Sorry.. Didn't know where to go...And this was the only way to...Just to keep me from doing things I didn't want to do. Sorry if I'm bothering you...)
just ignore them sweetie. in all honesty, will we all ever have a chance with our bias馃槀 I would like to think we do, but who knows. :) don't worry too much okay?
They don't have any room to talk with how terrible their grammar just was first off. I could barely make out what some of them were even trying to say. Secondly, I feel you with the fake friend thing, I thought someone I've been friends with for like 5 years now was one of my best friends, but the moment she found someone else to replace me with, she started saying really rude things to me and ignoring me. Then she thought she had the right to play victim when I finally stopped letting myself get tortured by her because I wanted to save the friendship I thought we had, by removing her from anything we were friends on and such. These things are why I end up having trust issues with my friends and why it usually leads me to not talking to anyone else first, so just letting them talk to me first if they actually want me around basically... Don't let these ppl ruin your life or control you, if they can't see how awesome you are, they don't deserve your presence. Also don't worry about bothering anyone, I'm sure everyone here would be happy to talk to you and cheer you up anytime, we are all Vingle family here, so if you ever need cheering up, make sure to let us know 馃挋
Wowwwwww they need to not.
Don't worry I got yo back!
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