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TuT @BlackoutZJ I thought I was one of the few who only shipped Megumi with Soma! TuT thank you lol

(The gif is from the anime Ouran High School Host Club❤)

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@NathashaXavier Yay another shipper! TuT hello
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I love Megumi, and I think she's perfect for Soma! I dont really understand why so many people ship him with Erina or Gods Tongue other than the fact that he can satisfy her taste buds but that doesn't mean he should be with her xD there's other people who have made her say delicious whats one more lol xD
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@HunnaBallue Omg yass! Lol even tho I dont mind him emding up with Erina, Megumi was the first person I thought Soma was perfect for lol he is always there for her and she always believes in him even if he is crazy sometimes xD
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@AimeBolanos I know right! He's already her greatest support, from their first official acquaintance. <3 Save the Day Soma should be his nickname
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