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@AlexisRiver Recently uploaded a challenge for what line you are in? check out here But I thought I would take part in the challenge as well. It was actually pretty fun but not many were born during my year.
APRIL'S Lee Hyun Joo is a 98er. February 5, 1998. 9 months and 17 days older than me
SEVENTEENS's Boo Seung Kwan birthday January 16, 1998 10 months and 5 days older than me
UP10TION's Xiăo wù birthday December 13, 1998 21 days younger than me
ASTRO's Moon Bin January 26, 1998. He is so adorable 9 months and 27 days older
Everyone is older than me besides Xiăo Wù. I feel old and yet young at the same time, if that makes sense
Now these are the oppas who share the same birthdate as me
BTOB Seo Eunkwang November 22, 1990 8 years older than me
INFINITE Jang Dong Woo November 22, 1990 8 years older than me
Boys Republic Onejunn November 22, 1988 10 years older than me
Monsta X Yoo Kihyun November 22, 1993 5 years older than me
SEVENTEEN Lee Jihoon November 22, 1996 2 years older than me
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I'm a 98' liner too! Vernon from Seventeen and Chanwoo from Ikon are also 98' liners!
@KpopGaby then i guess you are the oldest 98 like then lol
This gives me so much hope...😢 DON'T LEAD ME ON LIKE THAT😭
Wow so many 98' liner. Let's go 98 squad!!