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Spoiler Alert❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️ Naruto is continuing on!! After finding out so much back history we see where the split all started!! Indra who is the "genius"of Ninshu, (Sasuke), and later relies on strength and solidarity. Then there is Asura who is always troubled in learning and never seems to get things right, (Naruto), who welcomes friendship and love!! Who are you more like? Indra- relying on strength and solidarity for power!! Asura- welcoming love and friendship to help your strength and heart to make the right choices!! Personally I'm definitely An Asura personality to simply put it, not that I rely on others for help but allowing others to have input in my choices and welcoming them in with a warm and open heart!! I've always struggled with learning and many things, but when I've allowed help from others I've always far exceeded my expectations!! Welcome NAKAMA love!! Anime is life!! Naruto 4 ever!!
Asura for sure
Definitely Asura for me
I have an open mind too
I'm definitely an Asura I love my friends and family and I am welcoming to new people