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Seriously...that's the title...Annarasumanara (An-na-ra-su-ma-na-ra)...yeah. Well I finished it the other day and I was like....people gotta see this! A story about Yun Ai who has to face the harsh reality although she wants to be a magician. I guess you can call it a love triangle but...eh... Well Yun Ai (high schooler) meets a middle aged magician who is determined to perform magic with her. On the other hand is a rich classmate, Il Deung, who has fallen for Yun Ai. It doesn't have a lot of romantic moments but the story goes deep into how harsh reality can be. The whole thing was really satisfying to me. The art is so unique. Coloring is used strictly. It is mostly black and white. And for Il Deung's neck on slide 3....read to find out why.