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WARNING: Adult/Mature Situations
Sitting on top of your brand new desk is a large vase of white daisies with red roses. You gasp as your heart melts. Only one person has ever cared enough to know that you love those two flowers. As you head in to smell and touch them, the door closes softly behind you. As the lock clicks you turn with a bemused look and raised eyebrow.
“Why are you locking my office door?”
“So this is your surprise?” He looks around, “I must say, impressive.”
He pulls you tightly into his arms, “Then again, I would never expect less from my woman. She’s pretty smart.”
“Oh is she?” You reach up to grab his shirt collar and pull his head closer.
“Tell me about her and how you found out about her surprise when she’s been in meetings all day?”
He chuckles as he lowers his lips to your neck. With every other word he punctuates it with a nip, kiss, or lick.
“Well.. kiss..she’s hot …nip… damn hot … lick…and sexy…kiss.”
You giggle against his assault but turn your head to give him better access.
“She’s OCD…nip…but it’s cute… lick…she’s smart…kiss… obviously, she likes me…kiss” and duck as he moves out of the way before you can tug on his hair. He’s now laughing but he stands up and looks down into your eyes.
“I’m really proud of you Jagi. This is amazing in such a short time.”
His lips find yours and everything is quiet for the next few minutes. When you break apart you’re smiling and he asks,
“You haven’t heard the best part yet.”
“First, seriously, how did you know?”
“It was easy actually, I wasn’t even trying. I called your desk and it rang to some lady who said you were in a meeting but she would ring your new extension in case you were out. The phone rang and rang, then a different lady answered, she answered the phone and I quote: Project Manager [YN]’s office, this is Meg her assistant, can I help you? Or something like that. Did you know you have an assistant? You’re so important now, can I touch you?”
You smack him, “Smart ass.”
He flinches in playfully and begins reeling you in again.
“Yes, I do know. I just haven’t met her. Her name’s Meg huh? Good to know.”
He nods, “Being the good boyfriend I am, I called Ji and told him the news.” He quickly holds a hand up to stop you from hitting him again. “He changed our reservations to a different, more private place that I know you’ll love.”
“We don’t have to get dressed up do we? I’m exhausted; I never knew five hours of meetings could kill you.”
He moves past you and takes the flowers over to the credenza behind the desk. When he returns he backs you up to the desk and helps you hop up.
“No, I told him no place fancy. Now, let me see what I can do to help re-energize you.” The look on his face has your eyes going wide. When he drops to one knee you look up at the door. He takes hold of your foot and slips your heels off, one at a time.
He gives your calf a little smack, “You naughty little girl, I know what you were thinking.”
You look down, bite your lip and blush.
As his hands start moving up your calves and onto your thighs you look back at him and are rewarded with a devilish smile.
“And you weren’t wrong. How about we christen your new office?”
A couple hours later the two of you pull up to the place you had your first date, Dominic’s. You turn and smile over at the cute man next to you that knows you better than anyone. He picks your hand up and kisses it.
“Ji says this is Jak’s favorite after a shoot too. He’s betting she’ll eat more than you tonight.”
“Pfft. Not unless she hasn’t eaten all day. Wait, she probably hasn’t. Okay, bet on.”
He laughs as he comes around to open the car door for you.
When the two of you enter, you’re ushered to a room in the back. Jak and Jiyong are already sitting at a table waiting.
Jak looks up, “About time! I’m starving! So, I ordered for you, that good?”
You sit down, “Yep, totally. I trust you.”
The guys look at each other, “Really? If we had done that you would have bitten our heads off!”
Both girls turn, “Would not! You’ve ordered for us before.”
Jiyong puts his hand up to stop Kyungil, “It’s not worth it man. Trust me.”
Jak raises an eyebrow and turns to him with a smile,
“What’s not worth it baby?”
He looks over, grabs a breadstick from the basket that was just deposited and sticks it in her mouth.
“Arguing in public. It should only ever be done in private where we can have great make-up sex afterward.”
She blushes but laughs as she puts the breadstick back in her mouth and moves over for him to bite the other half.
“Agreed. Cause we are the best at making up.”
You and Kyungil look at each other, “Ew… get a room!”
Ji kisses Jak on the nose, “We have one, at my house. But we’re here to eat and celebrate with you!”
Jak turns to you, “Celebrate?”
She looks around at the boys, “What are we celebrating? And why does everyone else seem to know but me?!?”
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Stubborn, determined man! It's a good thing when it's directed at me though. 💗
well well...that office is going to need something more than just flowers to freshen it up. 😂😂😂😂