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Who: Reader X Zhang Yixing (Lay) What: Not gonna lie this Chapter got to me a little bit. Chapter: 6 Storyline: After Lay suddenly collapses from exhaustion, you make it your duty to make sure he gets some well deserved rest before he goes back to work.
Y/N POV You two were heated, Yixing's lips crashing onto yours after having kissed your neck. You had unbuttoned his shirt to reveal his amazing body. He lifted you up off the ground leaning you against the wall. His hand trailing up your thigh and under your dress. He kissed your neck again; his lips lowering to your collar bone. "Lay." you moaned gently. He was just about to lift your dress up higher when you heard a loud ruining come out of no where making you both jump. It was your phone. Yixing put you down and you adjusted your dress and hair, you were catching your breath before you clicked the answer button, "Chen what's up?" "Y/N-ah!" he yelled. You jumped and pulled the phone away from your ear. "Ah! Jong-dae don't yell in my ear!" "Sorry, but why are you late?" He asked. You turned around to see Yixing buttoning up his shirt and sort of bit your lip. You kind of just wanted to stare at him like that. He walked up to you as you spoke back to Jong-dae, "What are you talking about Chen, I'm not late. My alarm hasn't even gone off for me to leave." Yixing went and kissed you while Jong-dae talked to you on the other side of the phone. "Y/N it's almost four o'clock, we have the interview starting soon." You pulled Yixing away shouting, "Shit you're kidding me!" You looked at the clock on your phone seeing it was ten till. You were never gonna get them there in time and you immediately started stressing out. "Okay okay, Get the manager and have him take you there I'll be there as soon as I can." You started speaking quickly. "Ah! Calm down Y/N we are already here I was just calling to tell you that and to find out why you were late." "If you were already there why wasn't that the first thing out of your mouth!" you hissed. Jong-dae laughed, "Because I like making you upset." "Mission accomplished," you sighed. "Look I'll get there as soon as I can, I'll take you guys out for ice cream afterwards OK?" "Sweet, guys Y/N's getting us ice cream because she was late." you heard him scream to the boys. You heard them cheer and told Jong-dae goodbye before hanging up the phone yourself. You looked at the floor embarrassed but angry at yourself. In the heat of everything, not only had you lost track of time but you'd forgotten about Chen. Hearing his happy voice on the other side of the phone brought back the memory of the deal you made with him, what were you going to do now? If it hadn't been for his call you would've lost yourself in Yixing's touch. Yixing had probably turned the card orange because you noticed him coming back from the door. You looked up at him and said, "Can I ask you something?" "I'm pretty sure you just did." "Lay." you said seriously. He noticed the tone and walked up to you; he touched your cheek and sweetly said, "What is it?" "Did you tell Chen that we were going out?" His face seem to harden a little and he turned away from you, putting his hands in his pocket. "I didn't tell him anything, he over heard us talking this morning." "OK, well I need to get to the studio for the interviews can you drop me off?" He nodded and you walked out of the room; he stayed behind to get the check. You stood outside pacing by the car thinking of what you might do and say when you got to the boys. You were never late, you checked your phone trying to find out why your alarm hadn't gone off. You got annoyed when you saw that it was shut off, you must've accidently shut it off when you were going through the boys schedule. Yixing came out and nearly scared you to death when he lightly kissed the back of your neck. You watched him as he headed to his side of the car then you got in on yours. "Sorry for making you late." He said while driving. "Don't apologize it wasn't you fault. Thank you for lunch by the way, I really enjoyed myself. " "That's good, I'm happy." Jong-dae POV She was never one to be late but since she was with Yixing he was sure that he was the reason she was. When he called her, she told him her alarm hadn't even gone off. He didn't think she was one to lie but she was always on top of her alarms. When he heard the panic in her voice though, he knew it was genuine. He had done well with keeping up with appearances around the guys but inside he had the worst feeling in the world. The sensation he got from hugging her and kissing her this morning kept him going. That and the fact that she had said she'd go out with him, he wanted to believe he still had a chance but for some reason he felt like she had already decided. He was in pain but was trying not to show it. They had been in the interview for a while and he was staring to get lost in thought, thinking that she wouldn't show up.. He got so excited when he see her walk up next to the manger that he sat up and pointed at her saying, "Y/N's here!" The guys laughed as the interviewer looked back and saw Y/N looking up surprised and then waving cutely at Jong-dae. Yixing had come in with her and the manager started talking to him, from what Jong-dae could see Y/N gave him an annoyed look but when Yixing put his hand on her shoulder she left the manager alone. Yixing walked over and as he did Jong-dae said, "Y/N come out here too!" She shook her head but the other guys cheered her to come on as well. Jong-dae got up and grabbed her by the hands and pulled her over. "Chen what are you doing?" she said desperately not wanting to go out. He said, "Don't worry you'll be fine." He stopped for a second when he saw a mark on her shoulder. A hickey? He forced a smile anyway and pulled her cardigan up her shoulder so no one could see. That hurt him the most, he figured they'd kiss, he'd just have to deal with that, but he was leaving marks on her as well. He sat down and pulled her to sit on his lap. "Chen's being aggressive today don't you think?" Jongin said joking. "Is Chen the favorite?" the Interviewer asked. "I don't have favorites but Chen and Xiumin I'm the closest to." She said hugging him and blowing a kiss to Xiumin making him chuckle. "Yeah but she's super protective of Lay." Baekhyun said. "I'm protective of all of you, you're all my babies." she said laughing. The interviewer laughed along with everyone else. "So since you're so close to the guys, fans want to know which member is the most spoiled?" "They're all spoiled but I think Sehun is the most spoiled and not just by me. He gets away with a lot of stuff at the house and so does ViVi." she said. "That's because Vivi trained Sehun." Junmyeon said. They all laughed agreeing to what Jun-myeon said. Sehun only smiled and looked away like he couldn't deny it. Y/N got up and went over to hug Sehun. He hugged her back laughing and Kyungsoo pointed and said, "See he is spoiled." "Y/N you're part of the problem, you always spoil him." Chanyeol said pouting. The boys laughed when she said, "But he's my baby how could I not, look at this cute face." She kissed his cheek and Sehun laughed trying to pull her away. "Isn't Sehunie's voice beautiful when he raps?" Y/N said. They all agreed focusing their attention now on Sehun. Y/N took that moment to sneak off the camera and make her way back to the managers side. Jong-dae saw that the manager noticed Y/N's hickey. She covered her shoulder with her cardigan again not even realizing she had one. She looked super embarrassed and it looked like she was wondering if anyone else had noticed it. She had pulled it tightly around her body and when her eyes fell on Jong-dae it's seemed like she now understood why he'd pulled her sleeve up on her shoulder. She looked ashamed and her eyes refused to meet his for the rest of the day. She took the guys out for ice cream as promised. When Yixing's ice cream began to melt and get all over his face and hands, she'd helped clean him up but seemed to try as best as she could to stay away from him and not touch him. He didn't really want her wiping him off anyway and Jong-dae could tell. He didn't want to be babied like the rest of the guys. It wasn't even like they wanted to be babied but when she babied them they didn't argue because they liked her. How could they not? She was perfect, at least to Jong-dae she was. The moment they stepped back into the house he grabbed her hand and told the boys they'd be right back. She didn't get time to object or ask what was happening; he was moving so quickly all she did was follow. When they got to his room, he closed the door behind them and locked it. He grabbed her cardigan and pulled it off her searching her for more marks. He tossed it to the side looking at her in amazement. She wrapped her arms around herself the same shameful look on her face as before. Jong-dae sighed, he didn't want to give up; he still believed he could make her love him. "What are you doing to me Y/N?" he said unable to hide the pain in his voice. She could hear it, her face showed it and that face made him ache. "Y/N look at me." She hugged herself tighter trying to fight back tears. Did she really have any right to be hurt? He couldn't be upset at her though, he aided in her confusion. He didn't want to hurt her, or confuse her; right now, all he wanted to do was hold her. "Jagi, just look at me." he said desperately. She looked up at him, she was biting her lip trying not to cry. He knew that face. He saw it when she found out her father died. She refused to smile or talk much to anyone that day. Jong-dae held her when they were done working; he convinced her to tell him what happened. By that time, they had already been friends for a year. He separated her from the other guys and talked to her. She made that same face that she was making now. He had coaxed her into letting it out, she cried hard and it was the most painful sound he ever heard. All he wanted to do was take that pain away from her just like he wanted to now. How could she even love Yixing? They hadn't shared important moments like that together. There was no way he knew her better than him. So then why did she want him? "You two slept together." he said. "No that's not what happened... We just..." "Why are you playing with me like this Y/N? Have you already decided that you want to be with him? Did you have any intention of giving me a chance?" "Chen." she said desperately. He could hear it more in her voice, she was going to cry. "I love you Y/N you know this. Are you just going to keep playing games until you get sick of me?" "Chen stop it." She said. Tears were streaming down her face; he looked away from her, covering his eyes with his hand. He didn't want to see her cry. He wanted her to smile, he wanted her to laugh, he wanted her to do anything but cry. She had come up to him and grabbed his hand. She was pleading with him to look at her, "Chen I'm sorry please, please just look at me I'm sorry." He could hear her crying harder, he turned to her and pushed her on his bed. He got on top of her, his hands by her head as he looked down at her. She looked up at him shocked, he grabbed her hands pinning them to the bed and bent down to kiss her. It calmed her tears, she didn't fight him. She kissed him back; he wanted to erase Yixing's marks. He kissed her harder hearing her moan in his mouth. He felt her bite his lip and that pushed him closer to the edge. His hand went up her dress as he sent kisses down her neck. She smelled wonderful, her lips tasted amazing. Her eyes were closed and her breath was audible as he touched her everywhere. Her hand trailed up his arm, her eyes now slightly open and looking up at him. She touched his shoulder and cupped his cheek and kissed him again. She helped him pull his shirt off and then pulled him against her body, he wrapped his arms around her and he said between the kisses, "Y/N... I need you." Tears were still falling down her eyes as they kissed. She quietly spoke the words, "I'll take care of you."
For anyone that thinks that was the end of the story because of that last line it was not. There's another chapter coming so stay tuned. Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed. Tag list: @kpossible4250 @elishafisher @JessicaEvaristo @jaysbae13 @emilycayetano @griseldazenger @Tiffany1922
Omo!!!! OMO!!!!!! Wae????? WWWAAAEEEE????? I don't know what our female character would do!!!!!! Ettokae?????
@ElishaFisher lol oops my bad I thought maybe I had written something wrong. I'm just gonna be quite now lol. 😁
I mean I know it could be an innocent(guiltless) apology but I was just being naughty and adding a drama to the comment section.. make them think something probably completely opposite of your plot
@ElishaFisher lol She turned her alarm off by accident when she was checking the guys schedule on her phone. implying that when Chen pulled her off the couch to talk outside is when her finger slipped and turned off the alarm. Lay apologized because he knows about her need to be punctual ,considering she had already told him before their little make our session that she had to get back to the guys, I guess you could say he was taking the blame for making her late.
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