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you and your damn selfies~

>_< I love em so much, but then it's like...why? why do you taunt us with your good looks and dorky personalities when we are so far apart. don't you realize our pain!


I really don't care how far off I live from them, but my goal I have set for my whole life until I die.... is to see them at least once in concert. I don't have much money and the money I do have is being used to pay for a trip to new york.


I wasn't kidding. they be taunting me with their damn good looks. some days I wanna kiss them and other days I wanna be them! hahaha... I'm weird...aren't I? Don't answer that!

Haha this was a very random post sorry. It didn't have much of a constant topic except for the fact that we love BTS and that I get jealous of them lol. sorry.... bye

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Joonie!!! He looks hella incredible in a turtleneck him and jin kill me with those damn turtlenecks