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Her hand grazed down the back of his hair...

He turned around.

"There's something right here..." she said reaching up to his face, brushing her thumb along the contour of his eyebrow, "And here..." With her other hand, she reached up and slid her fingers down the side of his face, along his jaw, to his chin.

It felt like his soul left his body. He didn't know what to do, he froze up. Younger girls, younger women were easy but this, this was nothing like he'd ever done before. She made the first move. What am I suppose to do, I'm supposed to do something, he thought to himself. Then he remembered what his hyung had told him earlier.

Two hours before:
"So tell me little brother, why are you like that... towards that one?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about?"

His hyung smiled, a deep dimple appeared. He couldn't understand why girls found that cute, when he only had one. He sighed. He knew he could trust his hyung, he knew his hyung was understanding and kind, so he unloaded what was on his mind.

"That girl.... that woman is driving me crazy. I look at her and can't understand how someone so beautiful not have a boyfriend. Why doesn't she have a boyfriend?" He said picking at his hair.

His hyung rolled his eyes, "Why is that a problem for you? You don't think I've seen how you've been watching her, how you..." he leans in and whispers, "follow her around. Why are you beating around the bush? You were never one to beat around the bush"

He shut his eyes, "I want her" he said. He crossed his legs, leaned back in his chair, "I want to be with her but every time I try I choke. I stumble. I lose my confidence. She's too intimidating." He growled under his breath. "Tell me hyung, have you ever had such a problem?"

His hyung, leaned back in his chair, thinking. He chuckled, "Noona is something special. She's not like most women I've met. She's not like the women here, she's not too much in hurry to get married much less finding a boyfriend. From my own experience, it's better to let her make the first move."

He nodded his head, "And then what?"

"Theeeen..." his hyung, thought for a second, as of trying to come up with something, "Then you make your move. Be confident. Even if your knees are trembling and your heart is about to explode, just make a move. Ah, better do it quick. I heard she's leaving for Japan after her work is done here"
When he hesitated, her heart skipped a beat. Was she wrong? Did she see the signs all wrong? She heard everyone awe, she glanced past him to see what was going on. The nice one with the sweet dimple had started to dance to the music. He had everyone's attention with his sexy body rolls and smooth moves. She was about to just walk away when all of a sudden she felt an arm slip around her waist as she was being pushed further back into the dark.

Somehow they found a spot away from anyone seeing them. For a second she couldn't breathe as his mouth enveloped her own. It was a little sloppy at first but once she realized what was going on, she managed to slow his lips down with her own. Softly, slowly their mouths moved together. He moaned a little as she gently sucked on his lip. She slipped her arms around his neck, lifting herself up on her toes to meet him. His arms were tightly around her. His hands moving up and down her back. She could feel he wanted to move his hands down further but refrained from doing so and that was alright. Not too fast, let's not go that far yet, she said to herself but it excited even her because she could feel something below his waist getting hard. The hotter he got, the tighter his arms got. She didn't want to but she pulled back a little. Now was not the time for that.

She caressed his face as their kiss slowed down into smaller kisses. Kisses that seem to say everything, especially one thing, it was about time.

"You don't know how long I've waited." he said in-between kisses.

She smiled, "A week?"

He smirked at her answer giving her another long kiss, "Longer actually, far too long", he answered back after a moment.

"Well next time, don't keep me waiting so long."

The music stopped. The crowd was cheering as well as the crew for the dimpled ones dance.

"I think that's your cue." she said sadly, "You go first."

He kissed her long and hard, squeezing her tightly, and whispered, "Wait for me."
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