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Why are eggplants called eggplants?

"According to William Woys Weaver in his book Heirloom Vegetable Gardening, 'Old White Eggplant' was the earliest type to reach England, back in the 1500s. This was an ornamental variety with fruit that resembled a chicken egg" Egg plants first came from the Indian subcontinent, FYI. It's one of those things you never really think about until someone asks the question..it happened to me last week during lunch with a friend. I used to hate them, but like many things in life, my tastes have changed. :D
Hahahahahahah thank you @minjaeturtles i always wondered why they were named that wayyy
don't forget cheese
@curtisb i meant to tag you lol
@eggplants that sounds good! I would add some grilled bell peppers, and sliced beef cuz i need meat in my sandwich lol
i really like eggplants grilled in a sandwich, what do you think?
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실제로 호랑이를 눈앞에서 마주치면 어떨까? (간접체험)
호랑이를 실제로 눈 앞에서 마주치면 어떨까? 호랑이 실제 울음소리 들으면서 사진 보면 효과 3배 이어폰 껴고 들어보세여... https://youtu.be/tlCn2qkQeuk 300m 거리에서 녹음한 실제 시베리아 호랑이 울음소리라고 함 (참고로 시베리아 호랑이=백두산 호랑이 같은 계열) * 호랑이는 울음소리만으로 상대를 마비시킬 수 있다는 연구결과가 나왔다.  호랑이의 으르렁거리는 소리가 내는 초저주파는 사람의 귀로는 들을 수 없지만  사람이나 동물의 근육을 진동시켜 얼어붙게 만든다는 것이다. * 연구팀은 여러 마리의 호랑이를 대상으로 으르렁거리는 소리, 식식거리는 소리 등  호랑이가 내는 모든 소리를 녹음한 후 분석한 결과 사람이 들을 수 있는 주파수 대역인  20㎐∼20,000㎐의 소리와 함께 18㎐ 이하의 초저주파도 있음을 알게 됐다. * 소리는 주파수가 낮을수록 더 멀리 전파된다.  그래서 호랑이의 울음소리는 멀리 떨어진 숲에서도 들을 수 있다. * 초저주파는 사람에겐 낯설지만 자연계에선 그리 새로운 게 아니다.  발정한 코끼리 암컷이 수컷을 부를 때 내는 소리는  주파수가 너무 낮아 인간의 귀에는 들리지 않지만 밀림을 통과해 수km까지 전달된다. 또 고래나 코뿔소도 초저주파를 이용하는 것으로 알려져 있다. " 호랑이의 무서움은 그 어떤 것보다 그 울음소리에 있다고도 할 수 있다. "어흥"이라고 하면 어쩐지 별로 안무서운 것 같지만, 진짜로 분노한 호랑이의 울음소리는 장난이 아니다.  듣는 순간 오금이 저린다. 동네 개들의 왕왕거리는 것과는 차원이 다른데, 울음소리가 초저주파라 근육이 마비되어 그대로 주저 앉는다" <출처:엔하위키> 괜히 질질 싼다라는 말이 있는게 아니다. 동물원의 호랑이가 그냥 울부짖기만 하는 소리도 개나 고양이 따위와는 차원이 다르다. 실제 호랑이 울음소리에는 포유동물들을 패닉상태로 모는 저주파가 나온다고 한다(!!). 조상들이 산에서 호랑이 만나면 까무라친다고 말하는 게 거짓말이 아닌 거다. ㄷㄷ 그리고 우리 조상님들이 호랑이를 영물이라고 여겼던 이유가 산속에서 호랑이를 직접보게되는 날이면 살아돌아와도 3일을 앓았다네요..그 눈빛에 압도된다고함. 실제로 산에 오르는데 호랑이 만나는 날엔 ㅎㄷㄷㄷ (ㅊㅊ- 오유)
Healthy Lifestyle as a Path to Self-Improvement
“What is a healthy lifestyle?” Our grandmothers would have asked twenty years ago. Now this concept is gaining more and more popularity. The basics of a healthy lifestyle are a minimum of bad habits with a maximum of useful ones that contribute to improving the quality of life of people. If before the main elements of a stylish young man or girl were an active club life, indispensable cigarettes and a glass of alcoholic cocktail, now social networks are full of images of beautiful and toned bodies in training rooms. A photo of a plate with chicken breast and vegetable salad will gain much more “likes” than pictures of a pan with fried potatoes on a beer bottle background. Healthy lifestyle comes quickly and inevitably: shelves with organic products, farm meat and vegetables are already beginning to appear on shelves in stores, sports halls are opening. Reasons for the popularity of healthy lifestyle A correct lifestyle contributes not only to an overall improvement in the state of the body, but also to the appearance of the person. What are the criteria for a healthy lifestyle? This is a rational diet, physical activity corresponding to a person’s age and condition, a good sleep and many other little things that positively affect the state of the human body. Anyone who follows the basic rules of a healthy lifestyle compares favorably with others: he has a fresh complexion, good posture and a lively look, always full of energy , the desire to try something interesting. It is impossible not to notice him against the background of people with gray puffy faces, voluminous bellies, shortness of breath and stooped backs, with difficulty carrying themselves through life from the couch to work. He who observes the main components of the healthy lifestyle clearly understands how much effort and time he needs to maintain himself in perfect condition, so he will not spend a second on meaningless or unpleasant actions. This is especially valuable in the age of high technology, when every minute counts. Healthy lifestyle components A healthy lifestyle is a combination of several basic elements, including the following: - proper nutrition; - physical exercise; - healthy sleep; - rational distribution of time; - refusal of excesses. All these components of a healthy lifestyle are fundamental. It is a mistake to think that in order to change life, it is enough to change one thing. You can’t give up part of bad habits, and be content with it. Fundamental changes are always needed for fundamental changes. Each person has a different character, and where one can, by a willful decision, immediately abandon all that is superfluous, the other will better abandon the idea of self-improvement, fearing the burden of future worries. Therefore, psychologists advise not to rush to apply all the main components of a healthy lifestyle at once, but to do it gradually in order to first unconsciously accept the basics of a healthy lifestyle and make changes easier to transfer. Where to start a healthy lifestyle A healthy lifestyle begins with a person realizing that he does not live correctly. And for everyone this happens in different ways: someone notices a too big figure on the scales, someone feels unsatisfied, broken, tired, someone constantly gets sick. Sometimes people for years come to the idea that just a diet or prevention of colds is not enough to solve their problems. And it seems to them that they are leading the right way of life, since they abandoned any one component of the past: they quit drinking or smoking, started going to the gym or went on a diet. However, HLS is not one small concession, but a large set of measures for self-improvement, and although it should be started small, we must strive for more. Such components of a healthy lifestyle as regular exercise and proper cooking cannot just be discarded or replaced with less time-consuming options. Healthy lifestyle and its components The main components of a healthy lifestyle are not the only ones, but they are the basis of a new mode of existence, which should not be taken as punishment or torment, but as a kind of peak, the achievement of which is interesting and exciting. It is not necessary to rest only on the basic elements. There are other healthy lifestyle factors , such as, for example, spiritual practices, psychological training, and the community of fans of the rules of a healthy lifestyle that help to exchange experiences with other adepts. Balanced diet This is the cornerstone that holds the other components of a healthy lifestyle. Depending on the physical condition of a person, on the principles that he practices, nutrition can be different: healthy eatingsomeone prefers vegetarianism, someone raw food diet, paleodiet becomes an outlet for someone. There is no one true option, as there is no one most correct spiritual practice, because all people are different, and the ways that lead them to a state of inner harmony are different for everyone. One thing is certain for sure: nutrition is always included in the basics of a healthy lifestyle in the forefront, since the spiritual state directly depends on the body. The body is actually a “box” for the soul, it is impossible to get to what is inside without changing the container so that you can freely engage in the state of content. Nutrition has a huge impact on health, not in vain for many diseases, doctors prescribe certain diets. Sport lifestyle Without physical activity, it is also impossible to talk about self-improvement. An unsportsmanlike person is often melancholy, inclined to forgive his minor weaknesses. He has no habit of loading muscles, overcoming himself, he will easily violate the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle due to the lack of self-discipline. Sport not only heals, it also contributes to the formation of a beautiful appearance, and the joy of contemplating the reflection in the mirror, the pride, pleasure that people receive when they look at the updated version of themselves, only support their desire to observe the right lifestyle. As a basis for a healthy lifestyle, sports are simply irreplaceable: exercises help improve blood circulation, joints, stimulate the production of certain hormones, improve the general condition of the human body. Gyms offer a huge selection of different activities for people of all ages and physical abilities, so even old age cannot be an obstacle if you want to start a healthy lifestyle. Rational distribution of time Some factors of a healthy lifestyle underestimate, in particular, the ability to distribute time in such a way as to comply with all the principles of a healthy lifestyle. A feature of cardinal changes is the inextricable relationship between the amount of effort spent on preparing for them and the process of mastering the unusual rules of a healthy lifestyle that will allow this lifestyle to be called truly healthy. A healthy lifestyle requires self-denial, a willingness to spend part of the time providing yourself with wholesome foods, preparing appropriate dishes, and training. It takes less than half an hour to cook semi-finished products. On a trip to the store for the appropriate ingredients, cooking will have to spend more time, and you need to do this constantly. After all, what is a healthy lifestyle? This is a steady, constant adherence to certain rules and its chosen components, and the components of a healthy lifestyle cannot be applied partially and irregularly, otherwise these will be random moments against the background of ordinary existence. Refusal of excesses In real life, a healthy image has little to do with the concept of a beautiful or thin body. Not everything that leads to weight loss is beneficial, and sometimes in an attempt to achieve a visual effect an unprepared person comes to the opposite - diseases, poor health, and dissatisfaction with oneself. Proper nutrition and a sporting lifestyle alone will not give full effect, if at the same time you continue to allow yourself obvious excesses that pathologically affect the general condition of the body, accustom it to general relaxation on the verge of being optional and destructively affect the healthy lifestyle itself and its components . Therefore, excesses are not only smoking or drinking alcohol, but also the habit of breaking the correct regime, allowing yourself to deviate from some important postulates, and so on. Allowed weaknesses Not every person has a strong character, everyone should only do what they can master, gradually, taking small steps, moving forward, one at a time accepting the rules of a healthy lifestyle. It is sometimes necessary to allow oneself to deviate from them; weaknesses will only help to observe the principles of healthy lifestyle, if they are: 1. Really rare; 2. Small and well controlled; 3. Do not lead to systematic violations of the main components of a healthy lifestyle. To smoke one cigarette once a month, gradually increasing the period between smoking to two, three or more months - this is a minor weakness, which allows at the initial stage for a person who comprehends the very basics of a healthy lifestyle. Smoking a pack of cigarettes every day instead of one and a half, without reducing the dose at the same time, is already a harmful habit that affects the subconscious: if you are allowed to continue smoking, then you can afford to continue to eat fast food and skip workouts. Healthy lifestyle criteria Willingness should consist of internal messages, because no advice, persuasion or requirements will force a person to follow the basic principles that are necessary to bring his life into a state of at least relatively healthy, if there is no need to change. But even with such an aspiration, one should not forget that you should not rush into the pool of self-improvement thoughtlessly. The criteria for healthy lifestyles appeared for a reason, they are justified.666 For example, with a number of diseases it is impossible to violate a prescribed diet, even in order to lead a healthy lifestyle; one should not try to perform sets of exercises for trained athletes through force, if the physical form leaves much to be desired - instead of benefit, there is a high probability of injury; attempts to achieve an enhanced effect by changing the terms of diets to large ones will turn healthy food into a dangerous hunger strike, and excessive zeal will turn into harm instead of benefit. Knowing of limits You can’t talk about the rules applicable for the transition to a healthy lifestyle, without mentioning a very important point. There are healthy lifestyle factors that significantly affect the outcome, and one of them is a sense of proportion. The right way of life is built on limitations, self-discipline, building a system of habits that allows you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and its components in the long run. A person cannot exist in a regime of severe restrictions; moreover, they are usually developed so that there is no excessive psychological pressure, and chronic fatigue from self-denial does not occur. A sense of proportion - that’s what guides the experts who develop recommendations for nutrition, exercise and other components of a healthy lifestyle. Do not seriously violate the timing, diet, and so on, as this can become dangerous. Other healthy lifestyle factors Other aspects that affect the process of self-improvement include: - psychological preparedness for breakdowns; - the ability to replace prohibited products with others, since refusing is always more difficult than replacing with an analog; - the ability to consistently implement the plan and so on. What is healthy lifestyle? This is not only a certain group of basic elements based on physiological aspects, but also a huge layer of components lying in the field of psychology and fine tuning of the subconscious. Conclusion A healthy lifestyle and its components are steadily included in our reality: there are debates on the Internet about the best diets and exercise complexes, on television they talk about the many basics of a healthy lifestyle , in stores on the shelves there are more and more ecological products. A modern person simply cannot get out of reality, which teaches what HLS is, because we are all unique, and to preserve this uniqueness, to keep it as close as possible to an ideal state, is an excellent goal in life. The rules of a healthy lifestyle are not as complex as it seems at first glance, and sometimes it’s enough just to start to realize how necessary it was.
3 Ways of Making Chia Pudding for a Healthy Day
Are you having an unhealthy days these days!? Then... let's eat this together for breakfast!! Chia pudding on its own is fairly plain in the flavor department. But that's what makes it fun! Because you can really have some fun with the flavors. I really need to eat breakfast because I work.. and I've been planning on eating toast or cereal for breakfast. But!! I realized that I should eat something healthy !!!! (1) Banana Bread My first go-to flavor is banana bread. It's only 5 ingredients, tastes so good and is naturally sweet. What I love about using banana is that because it's so sweet, you don't need to add extra sugar. The only thing about this one is it doesn't keep as well – so eat it the same day or next! Ingredients you need for your Banana Bread Chia Pudding: 1 whole banana, halved 3 tablespoons black chia seeds 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon 3/4 cup almond milk Chopped walnuts to garnish (2) Lemon Rasberry I love the combo of lemon and fresh berries. Lemon brightens everything up and berries are sweet, but still low on the glycemic index which makes the whole meal a little healthier. This chia pudding is zingy, fresh and delicious! Ingredients you need for your Lemon Raspberry Chia Pudding 3 tablespoons white chia seeds 1 tablespoon maple syrup Zest of 1 lemon 2/3 cup almond milk 1/4 cup fresh raspberries + more to garnish (3) Vanilla Coconut Cashew I'm a biiiiig coconut lover and this chia pudding recipe is one of my favorites on the list. It's made with creamy coconut milk which gives it a little natural sweetness, but we also stir in some vanilla to give it a pop of flavor. Finished off with some cashew butter and coconut flakes and it tastes like incredible! Ingredients you need for your Vanilla Coconut Cashew: 3 tablespoons black chia seeds 2 tablespoons maple syrup 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 3/4 cup canned coconut milk (full-fat or lite) 1 tablespoon cashew butter Shredded coconut to garnish More recipes here: What do you think!? They all look so yummy!!
[펌] 냉혹한 바다 달팽이의 세계
스케일리 풋 가스트로포드, 우리나라 말로는 비늘발고둥이라 불리는 이 강철달팽이는 2001년에야 처음 발견된 신종이다. 깊이 2km가 넘는 존나 깊은 인도양 심해에서만 서식하는게 특징임. 이 새끼는 진짜 어떻게 보면 자연계에서 가장 놀라운 생물 중 하나인데, 왜냐면 금속을 사용할 줄 알기 때문임. 사진에서 달팽이 몸체 아랫부분이 쿠샬다오르처럼 금속색 비늘로 덮여있는 거 보임? 저거 생긴것만 금속색이 아니라 진짜 금속임. 현실에 실존하는 아이언골램 같은 거지 그러니까 얘는 진짜 금속으로 몸을 코팅하고 다니는 ㄹㅇ 메탈슬러그 되시겠다 이 새끼들이 어떻게 금속을 바닷속에서 얻냐면 바다 존나게 깊은 곳에 있는 '열수분출공'이란 것 때문에 가능함 이 스포어콜로니처럼 생긴 구멍들은 안에서 개 뜨거운 물을 분출하는 일종의 온천인데, 심해에 있는 열수분출공에서는 중금속이 섞여나옴. 그리고 이 중금속 중에는 황화철, 그러니까 메탈이 들어있다. 그럼 이 메탈슬러그들은 꾸물꾸물 기어가서 이 황화철이 섞인 뜨거운물을 처먹고 강철을 섭취한 다음에 이걸로 갑빠를 만들어 걸치고 그냥 슬러그에서 메탈슬러그로 진화를 한다 금속을 처먹고 갑빠를 만들어내고 있는 과정의 메탈슬러그임. 이건 아직 나이가 어린 개체고 좀 더 커지면 맨 윗짤처럼 무슨 비늘갑옷 걸친 것같은 무적의 괴물로 완성된다. 몸 아래쪽만 철인게 아니라 윗쪽을 덮고있는 달팽이 껍데기에도 철을 둘러서 방업을 해버리기 때문에 위도 아래도 완벽한 방어를 자랑함. 이 갑빠가 굉장한게 가장 바깥층은 금속, 그 안은 껍데기, 껍데기 안은 칼슘 구조물로 되어있어서 무려 3단 방어막이라 굉장한 내구력을 자랑한다. 메탈슬러그의 껍데기는 자연계에 존재하는 가장 단단한 껍질 중 하나라 이 새끼들이 처음 발견됐을때 미육군이 큰 관심을 보였었다. 이 메탈슬러그 껍데기라는게 사실 서식환경부터가 씹헬인데 그걸 견뎌냈다는 증거거든. 심해 2400m에서 서식하는데 이 정도 깊이면 손바닥만한 넓이에 코끼리 9마리가 올라탄 압력이 가해져서 강철이고 뭐고 다 부스러진다. 근데 얘는 껍질빨로 멀쩡함. 얘들 서식지는 열수분출공 근처인데, 이 열수분출공이란게 태양빛이 안 들어서 존나 추워디질 거 같은 심해 전체에 열을 공급해줄 정도로 존나게 뜨거운 물을 내뿜는다. 근데 메탈슬러그는 멀쩡하게 그 온도를 견디면서 살고 있다. 거기다 존나게 후두려패도 맨 바깥 금속층만 금이 가지 안에 있는 2단 방어막이랑 3단 망어막에는 데미지가 전혀 안 가는 환상적인 충격흡수 구조까지 가지고 있다. 황화철 먹고 힐하면 그 금간 것도 금방 회복된다. 즉 물리데미지 저항에 열 데미지 저항에 자체 힐링까지 가능한 씹사기 아이템이다. 이 새끼 껍데기 구조를 잘 연구해보면 개딴딴한 방탄모나 방탄조끼를 만들 수 있지 않을까 군침을 삼킨 미군이 연구에 몰두하는 것도 당연하다. 얘네가 서식하는 곳에도 조개 껍데기 정도는 간단하게 부숴먹는 게들이 깡패짓을 부리는데, 그 새끼들도 비늘발고둥한테는 손도 못 댄다. 존나 딴딴해서 절대 못 뚫거든  그 동네 생태계에서는 문자 그대로 살아있는 탱크 메탈슬러그인 거지 아래에서 보면 이렇게 생겨먹었는데 저 강력한 비늘은 방어수단인 동시에 공격수단이기도 함. 저 금속비늘로 조개껍데기를 존나게 후드려패서 야들야들한 속살을 호바밧 빨아먹으며 살아간다. 아무리 단단한 조개 껍데기도 메탈슬러그 앞에선 좃도 아니다. 애초에 혼자 철기시대 살고 있는 캐쉬템 현질러임. 이렇게 판타지에서나 나올법한 금속생명체라는 압도적인 장점이 있지만 서식지는 굉장히 좁은 편인데 그 이유는 위에서도 설명한 열수분출공 때문임. 아무래도 거기서만 방업을 진행할 수 있다보니까 그 외의 서식지에서는 금속을 만들어내지 못하고 메탈슬러그가 아니라 그냥 슬러그가 되어버려서 그런가봄. 아무튼 이 새끼처럼 금속을 만들어서 두르고 다니는 생물도 존재하니 자연은 참 신기하고 대단해