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When we were come to Jerusalem, the brethren received us gladly. Wherever Christians meet they recognize in each other brothers. Though strangers before, they greet one another as friends. The Jews welcomed Paul and rejoiced to hear of the work among the Gentiles. But they knew there were many Jewish Christians who could not quite trust Paul. They thought he was disloyal to his nation. But what they had heard about him was not true. He had never taught the Jewish Christians to forsake Moses. Yet that is the way bigotry often does – it misstates the words of an opponent. Sometimes, to remove false impressions, we have to do things it ought not to be necessary for us to do. Paul accepted the advice of the leaders that he should make an exhibition of his loyalty to Jewish rites to prove to suspicious people that he was really in sympathy with his own people. It is right for us to seek to free ourselves from false charges when thereby we are promoting the good of what belongs to God.
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