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'96 Liners

Challenge created by @AlexisRiver So at first I'll put in the people I know and follow their groups then I'll put people who share the year with me and finally I'll put the people I share my birthday with. This took forever to do and there may be some missing or something but oh well.
January Monsta X I.M - 26
February NCT Doyoung- 01 Ten- 27
March Astro JinJin- 15
June Seventeen Jun- 10 Hoshi- 15
July Seventeen Wonwoo- 17
September GOT7 Youngjae- 17
October B.A.P Zelo- 15
November Seventeen Woozi- 22
All 96 liners
Born on June 26 in different years Rana -1982 Yerin -1997
The finale, my birthday twin who was born the same year as me and everything and although I've never heard of her group, she's already cool. Sujin from Wa$$up
@SeventeenBias 17 is a baby? Alright then haha well let's both have a good birthday this year eh?
@MaeLyn 1998, I'm a baby πŸ˜‚
@SeventeenBias ay! Birthday twin! What year?
😱 June 26 is my birthday!! 😍😁
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