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According to the Chinese state media, ice cubes in Chinese KFC restaurants are a shocking twelve times dirtier than toilet water and nineteen times the national bacteria standard. The CCTV report went viral on Sina Weibo (the Chinese version of twitter) KFC and McDonalds have apologized and promised to clean their ice machines. I went to a KFC in McDonalds with four Mongolian friends I met on the train, drank a lot of the ice and had no problems. Still, if I went back, I'd probably avoid the chain as much as I do at home in the US.
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@nshen1 hahaha you have to read this
wow that is disgusting. the more I hear about sanitary issues in China, the more wary I become of eating anything from there
@happyrock what else have you read? do you have links?
remember 2008 when they found traces of mercury in the baby formula?
Yeah that was ridiculous, now people pay huge premiums to import baby formula. There's a shortage in hong kong because of it