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Xuimin, what changed???
Lately he's been ruining my bias list!!!! I'm noticing Xuimin's sexiness more now and it's killing me! Whyyyyy Xuimin?! Whyyyyy?!
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@SatinSkies I AGREE!!! But we all know he won't do that.
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@sinisterbangel But he must! I already gave my heart to Sehun! Ugh! These boys need to stop toying with our emotions!! 馃槩
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@CallMeMsDragon I'm like borderline going to the dark side, but I'm still clinging to Sehun. 馃槀
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Wth how can he have a baby bunny face and rock hard abs like stop tryna kill me Minseok
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Thank God for blessings us with Xiumin馃榾馃檶馃檹
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