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Chapter 24~ Wind


~16 years later~ "Are you sure you don't want to stay here Sehun? I heard that there is going to be bad weather later on today." My dad said. "I'll be fine dad." I assured him. I was going to the old shop that he close down sixteen years ago. He didn't know that I was going there but it wouldn't hurt him if he didn't know. "Okay but call me" he said. I nod and put my bowl in the sink and bid him good bye. The sun was shining as I walked throuh the streets. Every step I took, I would look around. I felt like someone was watching me. I came around the corner and took out my phone. It was on the map app, taking my styles out I wrote a check mark on the map. Turning to he store. I opened it and saw toys floating in the air. I touched one of the toys and it made a flip in the air. I sat in the rocking chair and thats when my vision blacked out and I saw a vivid memory of a lady.   "Sehun mommy loves you very much and I wish you a better life as a kid. I hope you can save mommy when your older along with your eleven brother's and your little sister." I heared in my ears as my vision came back. Looking out the widows I saw the clouds turning gray. I quickly ran out of the shop with the door slammed shut behind me. I ran to get back home. The rain poured down fast as I tried to get home but still having that feeling of someone watching me. I pushed it back as I entered my house. "Dad?" "Dad?" "Dear my Sehun, I have many things to say. One is that you are a prince of planet Exo and you have eleven brothers and one sister. Wear the necklace that was given to you from birth and train your power. The power of wind. I love you my dear and find your brother Kai in London. From your Mom the Queen." "How sweet that she leaves all her sons a letter to read." A guy from the couch said. I looked over at him and studied him. "Who are you?" "Noone in particular if thats what you want to know. But I am here on a mission and thats to kill you. Poor father had to die before I could get to you." I looked to the corner of the ground and saw my dead Dad lying on the floor. I sucked in my breathe and looked at the guy. "So any last words?" I shook my head. "Good" he took a step towards me and drew out a knife. I took a step to the left and he ran into the wall. I kept myself on y toes as he charged at me. I was having luck on my side. "Stay still would you!" He growled between his teeth. "Why would I?" I asked as a gust of wind blew there the house. I felt it against my skin as it somewat calmed my nerves down. Lifting my palm facing him as he flew back into the wall. He dropped his knife. I walked towards it and picked it up. "To bad you failed your mission" I said while picking him up by the collar and stabbed him in the chest. He dropped to his knees and turned to ashes. I walked to my dad and fell to my knees as I held his dead body close to me. I sobbed for hours before letting him go. "Sehun" a whisper said in my ear. "Sehun, go to one of your brothers" the whisper said.  I picked up the letter that was on the floor. I went to my room to pack a bag. I took the bus to town and found a cheep hotel room so I can make a plan of what I was going to do. I sighed after reading the letter. I looked up at the ceiling before shutting my eyes. The next morning I got on a train and headed to London.
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