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I don't know whose this is, but this is INSPIRING. Thinking of doing up my study table like this, you guys have any ideas or quotes that I could frame and hang like this? I've made a globe and a spherical calendar to put ON the table but I don't know how to decorate the wall above it +_+'
@EasternShell ooh that is so cool! I've wanted a small nook for myself but that isn't possible right now in the house I live. The corkboard really adds class, doesn't it? This is fabulous! I'll definitely do that. Thank you so much again! :)
@PallaviRawat I'm sorry I confused you. I have three walls so the area is a small nook. I have the painting on one side, the corkboard on the other for balance. The mirror is on the main wall. Using things like skateboards or old floor boards as shelves, I saw either on tv or in a mag. If you look at the cards in the DIY or Craft section of Vingle, you will see examples of decorative initials. You may get more ideas from the cards in Home Dec. I hope I've been helpful.
@EasternShell and when you do the clothesline thing, please put up a photo of it! :)
Wow! That all sounds great! Thank you so much, I was really confused but I love the clothesline idea. I was thinking of getting some quotes from around and creating them myself on a photo editing app. Thank you!
I have a mirror, a huge painting, a corkboard for inspiration and must dos, and sometime this week I'm going to line the very top of the wall with a lighted clothesline I bought from rue 21. Its great for hanging pictures and postcards plus it glows. Fancy night light. You can make a theme wall of whatever makes you happy. Paint or buy your initials. As for quotes, there are a ton of websites. Just print and frame or decoupage it to something interesting like a skateboard without wheels and mount it. Or you can turn the skateboard into a shelf. too many ideas floating in my head. lol