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haters are coming I can feel it
true story peeps
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saitama is satire, a pun, a joke made at the expense of other works of fiction
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I wanted another season they barely showed his power to the fullest just a peak of it at the end
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Well duh the creator said no one could beat him XD. Opm exist in his world his creation so he can make him as powerful as needed to do whatever in his world. outside of Saitama's world though at the end of the day i give I to superboy wonder >>. He has literally lifted infinity and eternity in his time as a character. we simply haven't seen enough Opm yet.
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haha YES
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I don't care what anyone says Saitama is fucking strong...and if you don't think so ask yourself this question "Can YOU beat him?" if not then go on about your day 馃槉
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