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haters are coming I can feel it
true story peeps
I don't know why fans get butt hurt, Saitama is stronger than any other hero/character which makes it funny xD the Ultimate Hero who just doesn't give a kuso xD I don't know, it doesn't bug me that he can defeat all my favorite characters/heros I think it's funny xD
I say this is bs, for goku at least
Literally no shit and everyone should have already guessed that. Sad thing is death battle said "Do you really even want an anime version of superman?" OBVIOUSLY we did but we wanted something that has broken the barrier evolved above Goku and Superman fused together that is SAITAMA!
saitama is satire, a pun, a joke made at the expense of other works of fiction
@BryceTerao It only makes sense :) If you want your character to be say that they are and then sow this case the strongest and I am a HUGE DBZ fan owned every game and every season even know that Vegeta had a really high voice at the start. So ya I'm not a bandwagoner I
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