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So I don't talk about myself a whole lot these days. But I wanted to post this since its something that I know others out there may need. Here it comes..... I lost my Dad unexpectedly in a car accident. It will be 11yrs in September this year. It is something I can talk about, but not without the tears. I posted this link, because I wanted some of my friends to get a glimpse of what it is I feel on a daily basis. And I wanted others who have been through this to know I'm here if they need someone to talk to, and who understands. Also for those who know someone who's been through this and just need a glimpse at what they're feeling. --For those who are friends with someone. Although, there are many times you've said, "I understand," you really don't. It does not comfort us when you say that. It just makes us feel anger or annoyed. For the fact, that you still have the loved one in your life, that we lost from ours. But don't take it personal, it's the process of us getting through the hurt and pain. For those who have been through it. There is a lot of people who have experienced this feeling, so don't think you have to figure it out on your own. It will take time to except, time to heal, but the missing piece will always be hard to fill. You will be able to talk about it eventually and the tears will flow. It's okay!! Let them, because you will end up laughing and smiling when you're done. The reason why, is because you remember the most beautiful memories and can't help but let it show. Happens to me All Of The Time!! Well that's all I had to share. Pass this on to others that might need it. BeBlessed! ADR
Wow, 'm also speechless but I'm proud of how strong you are as a person. I dont know how I would even be able to write a card like this, let alone get through something like that. Like @MonAnnahiX said, my inbox is always here!
@MonAnnahiX @kpopandkimchi Thanks guys!! With all my Heart! You are truly amazing!! It's hard but we take it day by day. As long as there are people like you guys, it makes it a lot better!!
... I don't know what to say to this. The only thing I can say is that things like this remind me of how grateful I should be for the little things and people I have in my life and for those that have met God already. I can't imagine the pain you are going through.. Just like you said I don't want to tell you it's okay or it's going to be okay because I've never experienced that myself. Know that I will be praying for you and even though I can't give you advice or my words might get you mad know that my inbox is always open if you just want to let it out. I believe that your dad is looking after you from up above. ♡