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359 followers on Igot7 loves!! (thank you card) Got7 gifs
last time I checked I had about 250 and I set a later goal, now it's at 359 followers???

I'm soo excited!

My collection is one of the ones in the Got7 community with the most followers! and it's all thanks to you guys!
so I wanted to celebrate by making this appreciation card ....

oh yah, oh yeah!!!

you knows what's funny? I came to vingle to learn more japanese lol...
thank you guys for always me giving a like, following the collection, staying active and becoming my friends as well! it really means a lot to me. I love Got7! I'm glad we are sticking together and hope I can bring everyone even better content.

Got7 hug!!!!

love ya guys! now I must fly off ! lol ( side note) excited for everyone going to the concert very soon guys! counting the days.