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Hello my Z warriors!

This is a MMA contest set for 5, 2 minute round fight!

To win this contest you must knock out your opponent, make him submit or win by Judges decision! Over on my left he is the "Prince of all Saiyans" Vegeta! Over on my right the "Cult of Personality" CM Punk!

Vegeta will be in his base form and will have no control over his Ki! So who will win? How will he win? Have fun with this and be creative!

Thanks for reading everyone and don't forget to rock the dragon!

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-ding- vegeta steps in the ring cm punk stepped out the ring and is looking for and exit
CM Punk is not a real fighter, he's just trying to get famous like Lesnar did. Vegeta wins by total knockout.
As a kid with no ki control, Goku was bullet proof and could lift cars. Base Vegeta as an adult (even without ki control) would destroy him.
Vegeta. Gotta stick with DBZ line up always!!