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This boy was out to get you. He was out to ruin your life and your innocence. No one can look THAT sexy eating ice cream. No one. Yet Youngjae, oh boy did Youngjae look sexy and hot. All he was doing was licking an ice cream cone and smiling. That's a combination of sexual frustration and borderline crush/friend zone. Irritated, you decided to deal with it by stuffing your face with your own combination of sweet, frozen delights. Distractions gave yourself some time to get your head straight, whether it'd be the passing movements in the surrounding, or fiddling with your fingers, anything that could distract you from this horrible human was preferred.

Youngjae, though, wasn't oblivious. He saw the way you stared at him, which in turn made him giddy and excited. He saw your delicate hands fiddle around with anything and everything. He saw it all and continued his light teasing. He loved your little movements. It was like an interaction he's seen couples do. He loved making you frustrated. It turned him on to think of what you had going through your head whenever you watched him lick the frozen treat slowly. He wanted you to suffer like he was suffering.

Yes Youngjae was suffering. His mind was constantly flooded with you. He had questions that kept him up all night and kept him busy all day. What where you up to right at the moment, what where you wearing, what are you listening too, are you feeling ok, where you hungry? He constantly worried over you. He would pull out his phone and type up a text, then delete it, then type it again, then delete it again. It got to the point where Jaebum had threatened to take his phone if he didn't hit send. The members constantly teased him for his obsession over you. Yes. You where an obsession. His obsession. in his eyes, you where something to be obsessed over.

In his mind you are the reason he wakes up, the reason he sings, you are his light. And because of this, this weird obsession with you, is because he loved you. The main reason for asking you to come out for ice cream every Tuesday and Friday was because he was working up the courage to ask you out. He's found it rather difficult to ask you to become his off stage. He's done so much fan service, and when he honestly felt a connection with you, he bounced with glee. He had to ask himself, deep inside, if he wanted to go through with asking you. But the sudden thought of you rejecting him scared him. He felt vulnerable. What if you went off to tell your friends or gossip about it online. By know he knows you personally, and he knew you wouldn't do something as stupid or silly as that, but it's not out of the question.

Every night he would stay up and think about his life with you. Would you have kids with him? Every date would be under the cover of darkness and beautifully lit by the moon and stars. He would gaze into your eyes and lean in ever so softly, just to peck your lips. He would be gentle the first time you two slept together, but all other times he would make you paralyzed in the bed for days. He would make you laugh with his broken english, and protect you from wandering eyes by stepping in front of you or behind you, he would grasp your hands and spin you around in their practice room after you brought food. He would think up of so many possibilities with you, yet all he had to do, and was afraid of doing, was ask you to be his.

So for now, these small ice cream gatherings where just mini dates. And if this was how it was going to feel like while dating you, then he couldn't wait.
@Animezkpopgirl I was thinking about making it into one.
this will be a really good story!!
@XionHeart you totally should!!! If you do please tag me!!
Omg...this should be a series...❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏