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help me by donating. 25 cents. theres still time to help me. http://mk2.gofund.me/25b4jqgk?rcid=0afd3da62dcc11e69be3bc764e065880 My first international missionary journey, COLOMBIA JULY 23, 2016! Through the years, I have been around many Christian missionaries. Yet I have never had the chance to participate on an international outreach trip. My experience of mission started when I left my hometown in New York to help a church plant here in Louisiana. God called me here for many reasons from serving as a full time helper to all church roles, to teaching in one of the lowest performing schools in the district. I have worked with this impoverished community for five years now. I have grown so much in my time here. I have learned that it’s not about your degree, it’s about your attitude and how you use your talents! This year, I would love to join my friends, missionaries John & Susie Bell on an outreach team to serve in Palenque, Colombia- an Afro Colombian Village on the Caribbean Coast of South America! Susie is from NY and John is from England. The family ministry is called Healing Community Life, they serve internationally to see communities transformed and healed by sharing life together. To see pictures and learn more here is a link to their website: www.healingcommunitylife.com, on Facebook look for: HCL Prayer Network ON A PERSONAL NOTE: I have known Susie since I was around 9 years old. Over these years, she has been my children and youth pastor, Sunday school teacher, Director at after school program I worked in, my mentor, my friend and sister. Susie helped me apply to college and stay motivated in the process. I have learned through her lessons in life. I have learned that we may not ever be perfect in this walk but God still guides through the process to excellence not perfection. John & Susie were married in 2014. So, I have known John a short amount of time, but in that time he has shown me to be a strong believer in his faith. John and I have something in common: With God on our side we have both beat cancer and we continue to give God the glory for it. I look forward to sharing and learning more through this special couple. WHAT WE WILL BE DOING: The HCL team will be composed of people from England, USA, and Colombians once on the ground. We will be serving families in the Afro Colombian village of Palenque, serving church communities in coastal cities of Cartagena and Barranquilla as well. The dates of the trip are: July 23- August 6, 2016. We aim to share God’s love and life while doing home visits, school activities (teaching English & about approaches to Special needs children), and we will support village church by building a kiosk for the children to use for Sunday school because right now they meet under a tree and it is not enough shade from the hot sun. My purpose is to touch lives the same way God has touched me over the years. God put people in my life to guide me and advise me in love. I want to pay that forward and bring joy, peace, hope, and help to someone else. HOW YOU CAN HELP? I invite you and ask that you help me to join this team through your prayers, encouragement and financial support. I need to raise $1500USD by June 30th. This will including flights, housing, transport, food- as well as supplies and resources needed for building kiosk and other outreach activities. THANKS FOR BEING PART OF WHAT GOD IS DOING IN MY LIFE IN THIS SEASON!
This is my go fund me account. if I could get everyone on here to donate .25cents it would add up and help. http://mk2.gofund.me/25b4jqgk?rcid=0afd3da62dcc11e69be3bc764e065880