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okay guys so I've been driving and I'm not bad whatsoever I plug in my aux cord, play my K-pop, and have good vibes (I still need to take drivers Ed, but I'm 17 so yeah. plus my mom is in the car with me don't worry.) of course I always have my music and it's so much fun
There is just one problem though.... I CANT PARK EVEN IF MY LIFE DEPENDED ON IT
I get so frustrated with myself. I'm always too close to someone's car. I can parallel park, park diagonal, BUT I CANT PARK STRAIGHT LIKE IN BETWEEN TWO STRAIGHT LINES LIKE AT THE MOVIES OR SOMETHING I CAN PARK DIAGONAL IN BETWEEN THE LINES (DOES THIS MAKE SENSE?!)
*how everyone looks at me trying to park.* My theory is is that I can't park in small parking lots. for example today I drove to Dollar Tree and it's parking lot is small. so of course it took me 3-5 tries to get it right
I don't know why it's so difficult for me anyone else have this problem or am I just too stupid?
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@TracyLynnn thank you! I'll keep that in mind the next time I park!
it's Kay I can't parallel park for shit. But I don't live in the city and I like pay to park over it anyways so YOLO
@Miss148 oh I have to, I'm enlisting and that's a requirement unfortunately. if I had a choice I'd just ride horses though
ur doing better than me!
it's the same thing with me! i can parallel park without a problem, but when it comes to just parking regularly, it takes me longer than it should. i do have my license though :3 but it hasn't been long since i started driving