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I am back. Seoul south korea was AWESOME!! i have many pictures to show you. did you guys miss me?? lol kidding. Gish any who lets get started!! woot woot.
So this is me in a HanBok. My mom wanted to see me in their traditional dress at a museum. She shoved me into a dressing room and paid them to dress me and do my make-up, which surprisingly I liked. I never really wear make-up, I don't like it. XD
I was in jail and I took a pic with the lady I stayed with, Mrs. Lee.
What you think? I look pretty? Hahah XD
DUDE!!! The orange juice in Korea is FREAKIN' DELICIOUS!!!! Way better then america, for real. Me and my mom drank that almost everyday, we was good on our vitamin C, no cold for us. HAHAH XD
The first few days, I got indigestion mostly the planes fault. I could barely eat and kept wanting to puke my guts, but I was hungry. So I went to a pharmacy, which they have everywhere and they gave me that bottle to drink and dude, it didn't taste bad like I though it would. 3 bottles for three days to make sure I was cure. On the first day I already felt better. Their medicine is good as Mexico's, works good and fast like it should.
I wanted to buy a whole bunch to take back to the U.S for when ever I got stomach problems but eh nah. lol
Moving on…XD
This is where i stayed, well what it looked like inside. I stayed in a guest house called "Yeon guest house". The owner's name is Mrs. Lee Bong Ok, she has a daughter thats 11 yrs. old, her husband is so nice and funny, i forgot his name… and she has a brother who also lives with her. Her house was on the bottom and guest house was on second floor.
There are four bedrooms, one with twin beds, the others full beds and there are 2 bathrooms, no bathtub, shower yes, a little kitchen and fridge and washer.
We walked on the bike/walking path that was under a bridge, it leads to the Han River, but we were no where close to it. lol. Me and my mom walked that path almost everyday for hours. Really pretty and relaxing. It was hot in Korea but from 12-4pm. Mornings and evenings was cool. Almost always windy so it was tolerable. I loved it.
Pretty flowers everywhere, they take care of their nature, free machines to exercise on…lol… Me and my mom tried it out.
OH and they have art on the bridge! I didn't have to pay to get into an art museum HAHA!! XD
ok NEXT ~
An mountain was like five minute walk from the guest house and this was the first thing I saw…WATERFALL!! SO BEAUTIFUL!! We climbed the mountain a little and realized we are way put of shape. I gasped for air and needed water…shoot. I need to work out more. I have more pictures but its on my camera and camcorder. They are being buttheads and don't wanna upload to my computer.
I went to a sheep cafe in HongDae called "Thanks nature cafe". I went to a cat cafe in Myeongdong, a basknrobins ice-cream place close to where I stay in Seodaemun-gu. I have a few pics of Gangnam, Hongdae, Myeongdong, and Namdaemun.
Oh and there is a picture of S.M. entertainment…I don't know if thats the actual company or where the trainees are or what. But yeah. lol
BTW Gangnam is stupid expensive, now I see why everyone says you need at least 10,000 or more dollars. I went to Korea with about 5,000 and still good of course, but i stayed in Gangnam for like 3 days or so and was going broke fast. food cost way more and clothes too, so I went back to Seodaemun where i can get a bigger meal for like 16 bucks or less. lol
So this is a Dunkin Donuts Cafe in front of JYP Entertainment company and there were girls waiting and I don't know why lol. Some pictures of the inside of cafe and a blur pic of jyp ent. sorry about that. I think 2 celebs walked out that night cause they looked familiar and some girls freaked. lol
I didn't have camera ready cause I was just getting coffee with mom. But one walked towards the car/vans and they other went in a different direction which I didn't pay attention to…Tehehe! XD
A few pictures of the Trick-Eye Museum I went too lol. looks real huh? I had a blast here! It's in Hongdae and I had a bit of trouble finding it.
Random Pictures from here on out! lol
We got a big forever 21, I took this pic for my sister. We have the old Seoul station which the building looks like on in Japan. We got the Gate that people from all over, east, west, south, north, came to, to meet the king at time.
Pigs on a building lol, cute. I had to take a picture.
Namsan Tower which no I didn't not go to, next time if I go back I will.
And I got a few pictures of a couple of palaces I went to and can't not remember the names of nor spell.
OH I was close to the Blue House, I wanna say I got a pic of its roof in one of photos, I just got to find it.
Food I ate in korea…I kept forgetting to take pictures, I was mostly to busy eating it. lol
any who thats all for now, here are the pics as promised. Hope you liked it~
I'll post more pics on another card when I have time.
~L out, PEACE!!
That looks so awesome and fun 😊 especially that muesuem omg
Amazing! Looks like you had a great time. I'm so happy for you. Hearing your stories and seeing these pictures just makes me more excited to move there. Welcome back!
Could you tag me in the picture I'm very curious:3
@MrsBangYongguk lol it was I have even more pictures I took their, weirder ones 😆
@Choijiah I'd go with you if I hadn't just gotten back lol. I need to save more money. I'mma try and see if I can go next year again. hope you get to go and find someone to share the memory 😁
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