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Genre: Angst, CEO au
Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Length: 5440 words
Summary: He got everything he wanted- and I was on his list.
Part: 5/?
A/N: Hey guys, thank you for your patience and cooperation in this tough time. I really do appreciate it :) love you all. I won’t forget the kind messages you sent. As a sidenote, those of you who continuously pestered for updates, shame on you. Anyway, and here is the anticipated update! Enjoy~
I woke up next to Jimin on the biggest bed I had ever seen, and bought the covers to my chin, wide-eyed at what had gone down last night. The clock on the wall told me it was 6 am- I had enough time to get home and freshen up for work. My dress was in a heap on the floor beside the bed, so I slipped it on, looking for my underclothes.
Once I found everything I grabbed my clutch and halted at the sound of Jimin’s husky voice. “Leaving me?” I slowly turned to find him clad in nothing but his boxers and immediately lowered my gaze.
He chuckled. “Why so shy, y/n?” I hated that I loved the sound of my name from his mouth. It made it sound so special. “I’m not shy. I’m mortified that I screwed my boss last night”, I replied factually as I looked back up to meet his gaze.
He tilted his head, scrutinising me. “You liked it. In fact, I’m willing to bet everything I own that you’d do it again.” I looked at the way he was biting his lip and mentally cursed at myself for the thoughts that ran through my head.
“I’ll see you at work Sir”, I replied with no emotion as I hastily walked away. He called out saying he would drop me off home, but I refused. I didn’t trust myself in his presence and I sure as hell didn’t trust his intentions. I pieced together the events of last night.
Jimin had been angry...he took me to his place...and we...well we fucked, for want of a better word.
I had to keep reminding myself that it was lust, not love. Jimin didn’t love me, he saw me as his ‘thing’. His possession. What happened last night in his eyes was purely sexual- no feelings involved.
I tried so hard to cover the hickey on my neck, but the boys noticed it straightaway. Of course Taehyung had to be unnecessarily vocal about it, while Hoseok just chuckled.
I sighed and rolled my eyes pointedly at Jungkook, to indicate that Taehyung was an annoying little shit, but he just turned away to look out the window. I furrowed my brow.
Something was up with him.
Taehyung was still rambling, “ wonder boss wanted to give you a lift home...”, when Jungkook snapped out of nowhere, “Shut up Taehyung.” Taehyung didn’t comply because he was genuinely listening- he shut up because he was shocked at Jungkook’s tone. As was I.
I mean, yes, Taehyung was being annoying, but I didn’t mind that much. The rest of the journey passed in an unfamiliar silence, with me glancing at Jungkook every so often.
As usual we said ‘bye’ to Hoseok and Taehyung and as the doors slid shut, I turned to Jungkook. “Hey, everything OK?”
He didn’t look up as he muttered “Peachy” in reply. I put a hand on his arm and felt hurt when he visibly flinched at the contact. “Jungkook...”
I trailed off because the doors slid open. He immediately stepped out and walked away, not giving me the chance to even say bye. I stood there, a slight frown settled on my face. He was acting strange and I had no idea why- normally he told me straight up if something was bothering him.
For the next couple of weeks, I grew more distant from Jungkook. He wouldn't even sit at the back with me on the way to work, so I had to put up with Taehyung’s ramblings . Jimin however..well, he was the opposite. He started to get a little more...hands on at work- not that I minded.
Neither of us mentioned that night at his house again, but whenever we caught each others eyes at work or in front of others, the little smirks and winks he threw my way told me he wanted to do it again.
It was Monday- start to another week. Work used to be dreary- sitting at a computer all day, needing coffee to survive. Now...well now, Jimin made sure it was anything but boring. But I would have to constantly tell myself..Lust not love, lust not love. It became a mantra in my head.
I had taken the lift with Hoseok today. Jungkook had muttered to Taehyung that he would take the stairs and Taehyung said he’d keep him company. That boy always had enough energy to run up and down the stairs throughout the whole building all day and not get tired.
Jungkook had taken avoiding me to new extremes. We had met up at the cafe the other week after work, and I had got there before the boys, as usual. As soon as Jungkook saw me, he stopped laughing and said he had a lot to do, and waked straight back out.
Hoseok had asked me what was going on and I truthfully told him I had no idea. He assured me Jungkook would stop acting so weird soon, but he only got worse. I wanted my friend back, but I didn’t know what I could do for him to start acting normal again.
Anyways, after saying ‘bye’ to Hoseok, I got to my floor and stepped out. I made a beeline for Jimin’s office when someone stopped me by standing in front of me. He worked on the same floor, as Jimin’s...well kind of like his right hand man, and so like everyone else here, we were close enough to each other to occasionally strike up conversation.
“Hey Chen. Everything alright?” I smiled at him, despite my obvious upset at Jungkook’s behaviour. “I wouldn’t go in there if I were you. He’s a little preoccupied.” The smirk on Chen’s face made my blood run cold. It was 8 am, so he couldn't be doing what Chen was insinuating. Plus, the thought of him with someone else...
“Very funny”, I replied sarcastically, rolling my eyes, even though my heart was pounding. I heard a shuffling of feet behind me and saw that Jungkook had finally got to his work station. He looked down when I turned, but I had caught him eyeing us. I turned back to Chen, who looked deadly serious.
“I’m not kidding. He told me to not let anyone in for a while. I double checked if that included you and he said yes. His old secretary- you know the blonde one?- She came by about ten minutes ago and she’s still in there.”
The blonde one...that was the one me and Jungkook had seen crying as she left Jimin’s office the night I got the job as his new secretary. He had fired why was she back? And more importantly, why had he let her in?
My once welcoming gaze hardened as I spotted the glint of amusement in his eyes. “You’re joking...I don’t believe you.” To my surprise he stepped aside. “You wanna see for yourself? Be my guest.” And with that he walked away, chuckling to himself.
I watched him with narrowed eyes as he sat back down at his computer, cockily taking a swig of his coffee, making a mental note to never strike a conversation up with him again.
I decided I’d test Chen’s little theory, just to humour him more than anything else. It was locked, which was strange, so I swiped my key card and opened the door slowly .
“Hey, how ar–” My voice got stuck in my throat and I felt the blood drain from my face at the sight before me. A sight that would haunt me for weeks to come.Chen had actually been telling the truth.
The woman was bent over Jimin’s desk as he thrust into her. And when I opened the door, he didn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed, no. He smirked at me. With every word he enunciated, he thrust into her, making her yelp, the two of them not caring if anyone could hear them.
“Hey baby. Care to to join? ” My expression went from one of hurt to one of disgust. This was the man I had allowed myself to fall for. This was the real Park Jimin, C E fucking O. A womanising son of a bitch who had no regards for others feelings.
But of course, how could he know I loved him? I had never outwardly said it, despite all the sarcastic retorts I would have to his flirting, or when I initiated the first kiss after a long day. He didn’t know- and now I would make sure he never would.
I kept my eyes trained on his as I coldly replied. “Well it’s nice to see you have a secretary because I was just coming to tell you I quit.” I felt an odd sense of satisfaction at the way his face fell.
He pulled out of her completely, making her whine. I grimaced at the obscene noise. His eyes flashed dangerously as he spoke, his voice laced with warning. “Say that again. Say it again y/n, I dare you.” I shuddered internally at how low his voice had gone.
But I complied. “Gladly Sir”, I mocked. “I quit.” And with that I turned back round, slamming the door behind me as I walked off. I would go one floor down and say bye to Taehyung and Hoseok before catching the bus home.
People were staring and some- including Chen- had even stood up to see who was causing such a commotion. Or rather, who had had the audacity to speak to the boss like that.
The plan was to ignore Jungkook just as he’d been ignoring me, but to my dismay he sprang to his feet and rushed after me, catching up with me whilst I was stepping into the lift. He followed me in, and I realised I would have to just text the boys because I didn’t want to be here any longer than necessary. Especially now Jungkook had followed me.
“Y/n, what the hell did you just do?” His voice was laced with concern, and I was too annoyed to give him a level-headed reply. “I quit. Not that you care, Jungkook. You haven’t spoken to me in days, so don’t go acting like you give a shit right now.”
“Y/n please, think straight! You just quit the best job you ever gonna get!” He grasped my shoulders and shook me lightly, trying to make me realise the consequence of what I’ve done.
“No”, I just shook my head. “I’m worth more than this. I’m gonna get a better job, for a bigger company. I’m gonna do better Jungkook. I don’t need this. I don’t need him.” My voice cracked at the end, but I managed to keep myself composed.
Jungkook’s grip loosened on me as I continued my rambling. If I stopped talking I’d bust into tears. “I’m gonna...I’m gonna go work for Namjoon’s company. I’m gonna put my skills to good use. I’m not gonna be a secretary anymore. Especially to that sleazebag.”
The lift doors opened once we reached the ground floor. I had nothing that belonged to Jimin on me, so I could walk straight out. Jungkook looked melancholy as I stepped out of the lift and turned to face him. I knew he wouldn’t follow me past this point, the job was too dear to him. And I was glad. At least Jimin would have no reason to pick on him anymore.
As the doors closed, a tear fell down my cheek and he instantly reacted. “Y/-!” But the doors had shut on him. I hastily wiped the tear and walked to the reception, my heels clicking on the marble floor.
The reception looked up with a smile, but her face fell once she realised what I was holding out to her- my identity card. All workers got one. It told us who was who and allowed staff access to certain offices. “Please make sure the boss gets this.” And with that I walked out, not even looking back once.
I got home and immediately got out the card Namjoon gave me at the event a few weeks back. My hands shaking, I dialled the number. The person on the other end answered pretty quickly.
“Good afternoon”, I started in my most professional voice. “I would like to speak to Mr Kim Namjoon.”
“Speaking”, a deep voice replied. I paused. He had given me his personal number? I thought he would have referred me to his receptionist or something. “Oh, hi, it’s y/n? We met at Jimin’s client gathering a few weeks back-”
“Ah yes y/n, the clever girl. I remember you.” His voice sounded instantly interested which had me smiling. “I do hope all is well Miss y/n.”
“I was just wondering...does that job offer still stand?”
“For you, of course.” He was a smooth talker- not unlike his rival Jimin. “Wow, really? Thank you! That’s great.”
“I can conduct the interview right now. On the phone.” The smile was now gone. I wasn’t prepared for a formal interview right there and then. Namjoon must have sensed my worry because he said gently, “There’s no need to worry. I only want to ask one question. Whether you get the job or not depends on the answer.”
I laughed nervously. “No need to worry at all.” He chuckled in response. Even through the phone, I absolutely loved the sound of Namjoon’s deep voice. I felt like if I listened to it long enough, he could lull me off to sleep.
“OK, here’s the question. Why’d you leave Park Jimin’s company?”
I blanched. How the hell was I supposed to answer that?! He was fucking his old secretary into his desk? I thought he had mutual feelings for me? I didn’t know.
But then it hit me. Companies like Namjoon’s looked for answers that showed them you had aspiration, motivation, drive. And I knew exactly how to answer. “The company was holding me down. I can do so much better.”
This was the ideal answer because not only did it show I was determined, but the answer made Namjoon’s company look good too. There was a pause from him as I ran a hand through my hair in anticipation.
“Welcome to my company y/n.” Despite how shitty I was feeling beforehand, I fist pumped and hissed “Yes!” I had actually got the job with Kim Namjoon. That was a pretty big deal. “You should come down tomorrow, so I can show you around. Lucky for you, you get to see your old boss tomorrow too- he’ll be be here from lunchtime onwards for a meeting.”
“Would you like me to send a chauffeur?”
“, thank you. You’re pretty close to me, I’ll be walking down.” I couldn’t believe I would be seeing Jimin a day after I quit..just my luck. “Ok y/n. See you tomorrow.” And with that he hung up, leaving me bemused and slightly worried.
Later that evening, I had showered, was was well-rested, full from a nice meal and reading a book. I had to turn my phone off because Jimin, Taehyung, Hoseok and Jungkook were all incessantly calling me, and I did’t want to talk to any of them. I had written a long ass text in our group chat for Hoseok and Taehyung so they weren’t in the dark about the situation, but now I was starting to regret it.
I should have just told Hoseok, so he knew not to come and pick me up tomorrow morning. I had just re-read the same page 4 times, not able to concentrate, when someone knocked on the door. I froze. My first instinct was that Jimin had come here, after looking up my address on the system.
I was nervously raking my fingers through my still damp hair when the voice that called my name instantly put me at ease. “Y/n?” It was Jungkook. I slowly opened the door and peeked out. He was still in his work clothes, looking dishevelled and concerned. I stepped aside to let him in, not wanting to keep him outside, despite how annoyed I was at his attitude.
“Jungkook, why’d you come here?”
“I didn’t get the chance to talk to you earlier, so I came by...”, he trailed off before speaking again. “I’ve been calling, texting, leaving voicemails...are you ignoring me?” That was rich coming from him seeing as all he had done was ignore me, but I let it slide.
“Not just you. I’m ignoring everyone”, I muttered. Jungkook blinked at me a couple of times before replying. “He’s gone mad y/n. He trashed his office up after the receptionist came upstairs and handed him your ID...Chen had to go in there and calm him down.
Also there’s rumours going around that the old secretary's back.”
I smiled humorlessly. I had a funny feeling that rumor was actually the truth.I was surprised me leaving had angered Jimin so much, but I was also glad. Glad that I had hurt his ego, made him realise I didn’t ‘belong’ to him.
“I got the job Jungkook”, I murmured, changing the subject. I didn’t even want to think about Jimin, let alone talk about him. To my surprise, Jungkook smiled.
“Congratulations y/n. You should tell Yoongi...I’m sure he’ll help you around.” I gave him a small smile before my expression turned serious again- as did his.
“What’s the matter? Aren’t you happy? Kim Namjoon runs the biggest corporation for miles.”
“I am happy Jungkook. It’s not that. It’’s you. You’ve been acting really weird, pushing me away. And then you suddenly turn up acting like nothing happened.”
He bought his hand up to sheepishly rub the back of his neck. “I’m sorr-”
“-Sorry won’t cut it. What the hell happened to you? Did you get a girlfriend? Is that it? Is that why you won’t even look at me anym-”
“-Y/n, stop. I haven’t got a girlfriend. How could I? How the hell could I be with someone else when...?” He trailed off and stepped back towards the door. Instantly my features relaxed from annoyed to curious.
“When...?”, I prompted. To my surprise he just shook his head at me mutely and started turning away, to walk back out. I grabbed his arm on instinct to try and stop him, but he was too strong- so I dashed in front of him to shut the door and block the way out with my body.
“When what, Jungkook?”
The look he gave me...well I couldn’t describe it. He looked like a kid who had lost his favourite toy. “Never mind”, he whispered. “Forget I said anything.”
My hands found their way onto his shoulders, and they slowly travelled up his neck until I was cupping his face. At this point I was close to crying myself. Today had been exhausting...I was drained. And on top of that I still couldn’t figure out why Jungkook had acted so erratically over the last few weeks.
“Tell me. Please Jungkook. Tell me so I can fix this.”
“You can’t”, he replied bluntly. His voice carried no emotion, but to my horror and dismay, his eyes started to tear up. “You can’t fix it.”
“Try me.”
I didn’t know what to do, except stand there as Jungkook slowly mirrored my actions, until he too was cupping my face. My cheeks grew warm at his intense stare. He was crying....but why was he crying? I was the one who had been hurt by him. But I waited to see what he would say or do.
He bent down slightly to press his forehead onto mine, his eyes tightly squeezed shut. “Y/n...I think I...” He swallowed before trying again, and my eyes simultaneously widened as I finally understood what was going on.
“I think I love you.”
Before I could reply,he jutted the bottom half of his face forward so his soft lips were pressed against mine. One of my hands moved from his jaw to his hair as we slowly lost ourselves in the languid, heated kiss.
His lips trailed down to my neck, and I was fully aware of the fact that Jimin’s marks from the other day where still on display. If Jungkook noticed he made no show of it as he sucked roughly on the delicate expanse of skin.
His hands started roaming all over me, tentatively at first, but gaining confidence when he saw I wasn’t stopping him. Was this wrong? I didn’t know. But it felt so right in the moment. It was when he started grinding into me, I gasped “Jungkook!” out of pure pleasure. He responded with a guttural noise, too lost in himself to form a proper word, let alone a sentence.
My mind was screaming at me to stop this. He was my friend. But a friend who just told me he was in love with me. I think a part of me knew I would have stopped if I was still working as Jimin’s secretary- because then I would be wronging Jungkook. But I wasn’t working for him I allowed myself to get just as lost in the moment as he was.
But to my surprise, he pulled away. His usually soft brown eyes scanned me searchingly, dark with lust. “I’m sorry”, he rasped, looking away. “I know you have feelings for Jimin...I shouldn’t have done that.”
“What?” I furrowed my brows. Not out of confusion- but shock. I hadn’t realised Jungkook knew. I told myself that I didn’t like Jimin, because I couldn’t be with someone like him- someone who didn’t give a damn about me.
“Y/n, don’t. I’ve known you too long to know when you like someone.” He raised an eyebrow. “Or when you’re lying.” I gulped. I didn’t know why I was feeling nervous talking about Jimin in front of Jungkook. It was probably the fact that he had just confessed to me.
“Jungkook”, I spoke gently, reaching out for his arm. “I can’t like someone like that. He just saw me as a thing, not a person. And if I liked him, wouldn’t I have stayed in his company?”
Jungkook scanned my face, suddenly unsure of whether I was lying or not. My grip tightened on his arm. I was convincing myself as well as him. It was lust not love. “But that doesn’t mean you have feelings for me”, he muttered.
I gave a small smile at his pouty expression, wanting nothing more than to kiss those lips again. My hands travelled up and down his arm as I slowly manoeuvred and pushed him up against the wall, despite him towering over me.
“Doesn’t it?” I asked in a sultry tone. His vulnerable expression turned into a smirk as he watched me. I hadn’t been in a relationship for years. In fact, not since I met Jungkook. So me and Jimin spending that night together must have been weird for him.
He leaned in and whispered against my mouth, “Do you trust me?” I nodded, not wanting to take my lips off his. But he pulled away to drag me towards my room, the two of us shedding our clothes as we made our way through the apartment.
I pushed him down onto the bed once we got there and straddled his lap. I didn’t know what I was doing anymore. I was angry and confused about Jimin, but ecstatic about my new job. Not to mention, the lust was clouding my judgement.
As our mouths reconnected I started grinding on his lap, needing friction. I rest my head into the crook of his neck, never faltering my movement. His hands rested on my hips. “Jungkook, I need you”, I whimpered quietly into his ear.
He aligned himself, immediately understanding what I meant, and I slid down onto him, moaning at the sensation of him. You can probably figure out what followed for the next hour.
We lay there in a heap, panting and kissing, needing more of each other. I was tired but I didn’t want to let him go. He moved down to my collarbone and chest as I thread my fingers in his hair.
“How long?”, I gasped as his mouth worked wonders. He looked up slowly, his hooded eyes on mine.
“How long have you liked me?” He scooted back up to face me and his member grazed my thigh, making me sigh. “I always liked you y/n. But I didn’t realise I loved you until you slept with someone else. I thought..that was it. I thought I’d missed my chance.”
His dark eyes bore into mine and my smile faltered at the very thought of Jimin. “I haven’t heard you say it yet y/n”, he whispered.
“Say what?” I feigned innocence even though I knew full well what he meant. He lightly kissed the corner of my mouth. “You haven’t told me you love me.” I smiled at how cute that sounded. Moving the hair out of his eyes, I caressed his cheek.
“I love you.”
Jungkook left a couple of hours later. We both had to rest- he had work, and I wanted to be well rested before this new job. And the prospect of seeing Park Jimin scared me, but the quicker I got on the Namjoon’s good side, the better it would be for me.
I got ready and on work on time- a few minutes early. I told the receptionist I was new and he smiled and took me to Namjoon’s office. The whole place was extravagant- even more so that Jimin’s building.
“Ah Miss y/n!”, Namjoon greeted me with a smile. “Glad to see your on time. As I mentioned yesterday I have a meeting with Mr Park in about an hour, so I’m afraid there’s not a lot I can do right now. I decided the best thing for me to do would be to ask Mr Min to show you the ropes, and then after my meeting, we can get you a name card made.”
I nodded, smiling. My worry was that I would be made to sit in on this meeting or something, just in case Namjoon- as Jimin’s rival- wanted to show off the fact that he had nabbed another worker form Jimin’s company. But no.
“And er...Where is Mr Min?”, I enquired politely. I hadn’t seen Yoongi on my travels. “Probably late”, Namjoon chuckled throatily. Wow, this place was a lot more laid back that my old work place.
Just then, we heard a knock and before Namjoon could say ‘come in’, a dishevelled Yoongi burst in. My smile widened. I hadn’t seen him in ages. He tried to catch his breath whilst speaking simultaneously. “Sorry I overslept...I got...your email...about y/n needing to be shown...around.”
Then he looked at me and waved. “Hi.” I giggled at him. He hadn’t changed a bit. “Hey Yoongster.” He grimaced at the old nickname, but laughed it off in front of Namjoon.
“Show Miss y/n around. Her work station is that empty cubicle near you, and her tasks are already going to be there. And make her feel at home.” I already felt at home. These men were extremely welcoming. And Namjoon was surprisingly understanding towards someone who before yesterday worked for his rival.
Before he told s to leave, he asked me, with an amused glint in his eyes. “You know how efficient we are in this company Miss y/n?”
I shook my head, wondering what he was going to say. “So efficient that I don’t need a secretary.” Yoongi snorted- he must have known what Namjoon was referring to- and ushered me out.
Aas we walked along the long corridor, he initiated conversation. Not in the best way, but it was something. “So then. What’d you get fired for?”
I laughed. “I didn’t get fired Yoongs. I quit.” His face was a picture. “What the fuck? You quit?! Nah tell me the truth y/n.”
“It’s true”, I confirmed,still laughing. “I left. You know the jobs we used to do right? Admin and stocks and shit like that? Well Jimin fired all-”
“-Jimin? You were on first name terms? He would implode if anyone didn’t call him ‘Sir’.”
“He told me to call him Jimin. Anyway, he fired all his secretaries and hired me in their place- out of the blue. Then yesterday I walk in on him fucking one of his old secretaries into his desk so I walked out.”
It was pretty unprofessional of me to disclose information like that, but this was Yoongi. He was as close to me as Hoseok and Taehyung were. I want to say Jungkook too, but since last night, Jungkook had kinda upped them on the ‘closeness to me’ hierarchy.
So the tour commenced. He showed me the floors, the offices within, the staffrooms, the vending machine, everything.
“And this is Mr Kim’s biggest meeting room. He uses it for his most important or wealthy clients. I reckon he does it to look good.”
He really didn’t need this room to look good. The whole damn building was impressive. I was looking around when a shrill beep made me jump. It was Yoongi’s pager.
“Ah shit, I’m needed one floor below.” He glanced at me, suddenly unsure as to what to do with me. “Er..y/n, can you wait here a sec? A computer that had really important records saved on it has come up with an error.” I could hear muffled shouts from below us.
“I could probably help out Yoo-”
“Please y/n? There is sheer panic down there, and adding more people to the mix won’t help.” I sighed in defeat and nodded, and he was off like a rocket. It was amusing watching Yoongi run right now, seeing as he had got fired from his last job for being lazy. I was glad Namjoon had seen the potential in him. He was a smart boy.
I walked around the big table and leaned on it, staring out of the window. I wanted to talk to Jungkook, but it was nowhere near lunchtime yet- he would still be working. Then I remembered- Jimin was due to meet Namjoon anytime soon, so no one would be at the office to keep an eye on him.
I rang him and he picked up immediately. “Hey”, he spoke at his normal volume instead of whispering, which meant Jimin wasn’t there. “Is that y/n?” I heard Taehyung ask in the background. I laughed. Taehyung wasn’t even on his floor. This is how scared everyone was of Jimin. They went mad once he left them alone.
“Hey Jungkook”, I smiled. “Calling you cus I know Jimin’s not there. Are Tae and Hobi with you?”
“Hoseok's gone to grab us all coffees, but yeah they’re both here.”
I mocked gasped. “Naughty boy. You know the rules. No hot drinks near the computers.” He just laughed in response. “How’s the new workplace?”
“Ah, it’s amazing”, I beamed. “Yoongi’s been showing me around. It’s massive Jungkook, you wouldn’t believe... and it’s a hell of a lot more relaxed. Like Yoongi came late and Namjoon just laughed.”
“Wow”, Jungkook breathed. It was new to him too, seeing as Jimin was so strict about timings.
“Obviously it sucks that you aren’t here”, I frowned. “But it feels good to know I’m not some degraded, taken-for-granted secretary.”
“That’s good. That’s why you left. Speaking of secretaries, his bimbo’s gonna be on patrol for him soon, gotta go. Love you.”
I snorted at the insult. “Love you too”, I replied with ease this time. I heard the door click shut as I was pocketing my phone.
“Yoongi did you guys fix the issu-.” I turned around and immediately stopped talking. There he was, still angry, but clearly trying to hold it in- probably for the sake of his public image.
My eyes darted around. He was here, but where the hell was Namjoon? He chuckled humorlessly. “It’s just me. I told Namjoon I’d meet him here.” I glanced at the clock. A whole 15 minutes earlier than he needed to be.
He stepped further into the room, and I lifted myself off the table and stepped back. “Let’s try again.Good morning y/n.”
“Mr Park”, I nodded indifferently in his direction. He cocked his head, his eyes dangerously dark. “Let’s drop the fucking formalities here babe.” I recoiled from his words.
“Now before we get into why the hell you thought you could walk out, let me ask you something. Who the fuck was that on the phone?”
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this story honestly makes me dislike Jimin. ಠ_ಠ like bish you don't own her you perverted waka doodle .
oooooooo someone is jealous
how is your sister? and im sorry people were nagging you >-> but daammmnnn i think jimin is jealous 😂 also, im kinda hoping for there to be a love-pentagon. is that a thing? 😂 like y/n, jimin, jungkook, yoongi, namjoon 😂
@kirene1999 @JasmineGregory @Cassierchiqua @HayleyEastman she's a lot better thanks guys! ❤❤
glad you're back~ and it's okay~ anyways loved the update it was so good haha xD feeling scared for jungkook tho xD
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