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"End of My Journey" Mordin's Song Music by John Dreamer ITUNES: http://goo.gl/2LnSm AMAZON: http://goo.gl/yfnte (For Non-US Customers: Just type "John Dreamer" in Amazon/Itunes Search) After you bought this, you may use it for non commercial videos as you like! But please: CREDIT me. Hi guys, long time no see! I've been too lazy after tons of exams... enjoying BF3 and Skyrim and MASS EFFECT 3! I had to compose this piece after watching the epic scene of Mordin which moved my heart (It's been a long, long time where a freakin game could actually move me to tears! And also the ending... Tears of hate?) I wanted to use Mordin's song as a reference, and kinda ended up with a song without any voices. It's a pitty that my voice s*cks and i don't know any person who got a decent voice (actually, my mother wanted to sing for me, but ...), so i had to make the piece more instrumental, but i included subtitles.. You are more than welcome to sing along :) © 2012 All Music Rights belong to John Dreamer © 2012 EA International(Studio and Publishing) Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
@GarrusVakarian It certainly was. (-_-) I always like to rewatch the clip of him singing the song. It was so clever!
Mordin was one of my favorite characters in Mass Effect, and his final scene was so sad...