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I'm Back with Erza Scarlet
Hey Vi0DxArtS here! Sorry I've been gone for so long, a lot has happened and I've been distracted with college plans, moving, events, lots of drama, etc. But now I feel like I can relax and start doing what I do best, art! So I will start posting my work again, and for those who were interested in my story, it's still happening, but will take a while. I was too excited at first and jumped the gun with it, but my mind's back on track, so stay tuned for more work. =D
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You drew that? 😱😱😱 I am so jealous of your skills!!!!!
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Oh no, stop you'll make me blush 😳, it was nothing really. But yeah i drew it πŸ‘, If you liked that u should check out the other work to that I posted
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