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There are still quite a lot of people who just don't like ikon, but why? Now I'm not saying you have to absolutely love them and become a fan. But why do so many people hate them before even giving them a chance?
If it's because you think ikon are stuck up, full of themselves, and rude please watch this video. Their very first thought after losing win was to comfort their hyungs who broke down crying. That's the first they the did they were more worried about how they would feel instead of the fact they lost. If that doesn't perfectly describe Ikon and how each one of them is a sweetheart who deeply cares about others I don't know what will.
Ikon poured their heart into Climax it's the one song that makes me super emotional no matter how many times I hear it or see it.
A lot of their songs express how they feel take for instance " Wait for me" it's a song dedicated to their fan's and family about wanting to hurry up and be in front of them again. Also hanbin and bobby have helped write most all of Ikon's songs.
Is it because you think Junhoe, Bobby, and Hanbin are rude? Why is it okay for everyone to love other groups sassy members, but when it comes to Junhoe everyone loses their mind and he is rude? Also Bobby is one of the sweetest people in the world along with June and Hanbin. Ikon deeply care for each other also the fans, and even strangers.
Donghyuk was worried about the little girls safety so he quickly protected them, Bobby during Smtm3 got out of his car to quickly help an elderly woman across the street with her cart. They constantly show how loving they all are these are just the events that stick out.
Basically the whole point of this is Don't judge people based on false claims, but I'm not saying you have to love ikon. Just don't hate on them for no reason especially if you haven't even given them a chance. If you have and don't like them that's fine as just please don't spread senseless hate.
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in my defense I like ikon don't get me wrong but I only like 3 songs of there's and that's Rhythm Ta Apology and #WYD I don't like any or there other songs. I'm trying to learn more about them
@StefaniTre I mean I have no problem if someone don't like ikon it's the ones who blindly hate them because of false accusations. And the ones who spread hate about them. Is what I was saying lol and if you can't really get into it fine as well not every group is for everyone
well I'm trying cause I do like them and there newest song is really good. Rhythm Ta is still my fave song by them
Rhythm ta is super catchy and one of my favorite, and their new song is super adorable, but my all time favorite is just go I tend to like sad songs the best
Ikon is so freaking amzg and i like all of their songs which has never happened before in any group not even my bts babies , however sometimes i do call them rude only because they are constantly trying to kill me with these emotions. and i dont know why people don't like them either, they are so talented, they make me so proud. and to be truthful my favorite song from them is 'Onirtara' or 'Today' which is it's english name.