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Akame Ga Kill!! I cannot explain how much I fell in love with this Anime! Terrific character development, fast but good storyline and i became so connected with each character! I'm serious their was no character I disliked to the point where I though "she/he is stupid would of been better without them." keep in mind this Anime is filled to the rim with large amounts of the FEELS!!! seriously every episode whether it was villain, herobor vigilante, there was feely feels for each character. I'm not even kidding it took me the longest time to pick a favorite character and even than i had multiple ties between them all! But with feely feels comes a non stop connection between you and the characters, with that being said it is also a sad anime, and will be put on my top ten list for beat anime's I've seen. I would absolutely loved to have lived in this show! Look guys if you want an amazing anime than check this show our I watched every day after I got off work or before I started the amount of feeling and emotion in each character will make you happy, sad, angry, excited, etc! I promise. I give it a 9.5/10 and that's only because I think they could of done more to the ending.
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the feels
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That freakin' ...b- *grumble* and her dog....*mumble grumbles* Still a great anime, I agree, but I *sniff* oh no my feels...
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currently reading the manga and things are way different even esdese's breast
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what the f*** were they thinking when they made this "let's mess with everyone's feels"
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@erebus9898 they were thinking "they were thinking mission accomplished 馃槬"
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