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I've been dying to know who Luffy's mom is for awhile now and learn more about both his parents backgrounds.. We obviously already know who his dad is and I think I have a pretty good idea as to who is his mom but I'm ready for this be officially revealed!!
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Guys guys calm down isn't it obvious it's one of the four emperors BIG MAM
Omg... I wouldn't be surprised 😂😂 @ShakirBishop
@ShakirBishop AWWW HELL YEAH
who is luffy?
I think I discussed this on an older card a while back, haha!! Perfect timing bc I was reading my manga and obvi months ago on the SBS corner of each chapter I saw the pic he shows 2 pics actually in the page of where Luffy's Mom has been shown!! Def will be interesting to find her true heritage and not speculation though many times speculation can be close, but with ODA sensei behind the wheel I don't see it happening!! Haha, I have my suspicions but I've said them before, let's see what happens NAKAMA!!