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Tsunade Senju - Naruto

We first met Tsunade when she was sought out to become the Fifth Hokage. When Naruto and Jiraiya found her, she had no desire to take on the role and simply wanted to go about her business drinking and gambling. However, Naruto's determination and dream to become Hokage himself one day reminded her of two lost loved ones who shared the same dream. She's still tough when she needs to be, but she definitely has a bit of a soft spot for Naruto!

Honorable Mentions

I had to do some research on this one because I wasn't entirely clear on what exactly a tsundere is. The term is derived from tsun tsun, meaning to turn away in disgust, cold, blunt, curt, etc, and dere dere, meaning lovey-dovey. It is often used to describe characters who are cold, but become lovey-dovey when face with their special someone, but is also used to describe a pattern of character development where the character starts out cold, but shows their softer side later. I'm probably a bit off, but I think these are my favorite characters that fit one or both of those descriptions!

Rukia Kuchiki - Bleach

At first, Rukia was all business. Having been taken in by the noble Kuchiki clan, she was under a lot of pressure to live up to that name. Then along came Ichigo! She awakened his soul reaper powers, but in the process was weakened herself, so she worked with him so that she could still deal with hollows. She got herself a gigai and became a student at his school, making friends along the way. Like Tsunade, she's stern when she needs to be, but she's warmer with the crew, especially Ichigo!

Rei Ryugazaki - Free!

I know tsunderes are usually girls, but that is not always the case, and I feel that Rei fits the description. When we first meet Rei, he's a bit of a track star, cold and calculating. However, by showing him the beauty of Haru's swimming, Nagisa convinced him to join their swim club - even though he couldn't swim! While the guys worked with him to get him afloat, they bonded, and he really became one of them! I especially love the way he is around Nagisa! He even gave up his spot at their big competition so the guys could swim with Rin again, even though it got the team disqualified.

Germany - Hetalia

Yes, Germany is also considered to be a tsundere! He is stern and militaristic, but when it comes to Italy, he can't help but soften up!

Evergreen - Fairy Tail

Juvia was a high consideration, but then it occurred to me that she's probably more of a yandere. Evergreen, though, I always kinda loved, even when she was introduced in the Battle of Fairy Tail, and seeing her with Elfman is always so fun! ElfEver forever! <3

Bishamon - Noragami

I love Bishamon's development! She is a bit of a mystery in season 1, but all we know is that she has some bad blood with Yato. A powerful and prominent war god, she wants to destroy Yato because of something that happened in their past, but in season 2, those events are revealed. We see that she actually has a rather maternal nature, and we see just how much Kazuma is not just her regalia, but her rock.
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