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I was talking to my brother about reincarnation, and how some people even believe they can reincarnate into plants. Then came the thought, imagine what it must be like being corn. first, they tear you away from your family on the feild, then they put you up on the market and let you rot like you're some sort of slave then they'd boil in hot water above 100°F finally they'd tear their teeth into you and rip you to shreds biting you over and over until there is only a cob left. and if they are to sell you, they'd put a stick up your ass. Or maybe they'd take a knife, and scrape off your skin (the corn) into a can and seal it. either way the corn life is hard, maybe I'll make a new torture method called "corn"
LOL! ...Um... You just described the administration's stance on humanity... The only difference is that we're "smart" enough to ask why... Which is probably why they see us as CORN-Y... 😂
I totally see a serial killer naming a torture method something Corn related. What a sad life corn live...😔
damn..... 😯😂