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I saw this translation & it got me thinking...

What if BTS had English names!?

Luckily, someone already had the idea and asked them

although I couldn't find the original account :/

What do you think their names would be?

I can see Rap Monie as a Ryan (: Calling Jungkook Timmy >w< I was watching Fabulous Boys & saw this scene with the statue of David & thought WHAT IF JIMIN WAS CALLED DAVID. *spazzes*

Get a Korean name from my card!

HERE When my friend and I were hardcore into anime, we gave each other Japanese names. Now it's just me deeep into Kpop and I asked you guys to help me name myself (thank you so much btw! ♡♡♡)
I almost feel as if any English name would be too boring for them. 😞
I can't picture them with English names haha like it's hard to imagine it for me for some reason haha but my name in Korean that my Korean language partner told me is 에버리 which is basically my name already just not such a hard V in it haha
lol i made a card on bts English names to 😂😂😂
Cody and Theo work xD
Brian 😂
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