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1- Remember to respect the laws of the country in which your destination and apply them faithfully will make you learn to be helpful Systems after returning to your country. 2- Law is a system of the country in which you wish to travel to. remember!. Failure to follow you will make him a nuisance for you and others.
I would agree with the sentiment (I really do). However, if one were to follow *all* laws, you might as well sit down & wait to die now... (actually *read* the law books, man - might take a couple decades, but you'll eventually notice that *literally* anything you *might do* is illegal...) That way it empowers law enforcement to go after whoever they want, irregardless of what they're doing... (which admittedly was a good thing at first, criminals are tricky - but the law has become worse than criminals; it's the same syndicate, and everyone knows it) If laws want to be followed, then they need some scissors weilded by scholars that have the ability to critically think, review effectiveness, and "snip" the parts that will bog down society, and the system... (and don't tell me it's not possible - it's the *exact same thing* as the software you use to clean up your computer's desktop, so really, if some Chinesr teenagers can do it, with all that tax money, "the law" is out of time *and* excuses...) Sorry for the rant, but I'm not going to be lectured online for something that is *literally* clogging up the aesthetics of this world w/ the stupid "reminder" signs of every law! If *every single traveller* was expected to know *all the laws* (of their own country, let alone another), you'd better cough-up free education and the elixir of immortality... Lawyers & judges don't even know them all (seriously - that's what paralegals are for; looking up what the lawyers need to know) But you want *TRAVELLERS* to know the laws of at least 2 countries?!? (something only international trade lawyers study for banks) Say good-bye to tourist dollars & economies then...
I guess, fundamentally what I'm saying is this; if a person were so aware of so many laws *&* capable of doing through such a labrynth of behavioral Olympics, there would no longer be a need for such laws... So, either the law changes its meme shortly, admits that it is fundamentally designed to seek it's own annihilation, or it intrinsically accepts that laws need people more than people need laws... (but don't look at the supposed "criminals" you've made every citizen out to be as if they're the ones at fault... you built the mockery of the law; not us - we're just the idiots who trusted you to "protect us from ourselves"...