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So along with all the positive feedback I've been getting about my last card asking people to give Ikon a chance one stood out. A friend of mine wrote me a message with an amazing idea. Instead of pointing out all the hate let's flood all social media with reason why we love ikon while using the hash tag #ikongottaloveem But I won't be able to do this myself. So I am going to need the help of anyone else who wishes to. Also if you want to help spread it on other social media would you help ask other fan pages on fb, tumblr, twitter, and so on to help show ikon how thankful we are?
For me there are many reasons why I love ikon and one of those being how close they all are. They truly mean it when they say they are like family. They all are there for each other no matter what.
I can never get enough of their dancing. They work extremely hard to perfect it as shown in the video above.
I am in love with their dorkyness. They are all so random you never know what to expect from them and it makes you love them more.
They seriously alway brighten my day even if it's just me watching old videos, or hearing a song come on my play list. Or when I'm stressed they are the first group I go to because their music calms my nerves.
They have been through a lot at such a young age, and yet they can still smile and joke around.
They have all these inside joke that are just adorable to watch how close they are with one another.
I can seriously talk about ikon and why I love them all day, but this card would be super long so I will stop here. Please help pass this around and let's show them how much we appreciate them and love them all #ikongottaloveem and feel free to make your own card about why you love them.
@xoxorittie 💗💗 I can't wait to see your card!
I fell asleep last night before I could do mine but I'm gonna do it today after I get off work! It's been a very long time since I've found this much happiness and love for a group. 💖
"we always diss eachother just because we are close" I love this line. True friends rip eachother to shreds with a smile on their face. ^_^
@Sammie99522 I'm excited to do it! 💖💖
@BluBear07 exactly 😂😂😂