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Isai Rocha wrote an article on Foodbeast talking about the new and delicious trend that was brought up by @sobeautifullyraw's Instagram account. The first two images are her creations and the others are from other people who have tried this new trend.
According to Rocha, @sobeautifullyraw specializes in vegan food and all she did, to make this masterpiece, was grease up a donut mold with cocunut oil, add the rice, and flipped the pan upside-down to get them out! Afterwards, she added ingredients to her donuts to make it look as tasty as possible.
The creativity is endless and the sushi donuts do not have to be vegan for you to enjoy. The toppings are up to you!
(Image: @wholefoods' instagram)
(Image: @saltnpepperhere's instagram)
(Image: @rhiannonbradshaw's instagram)
Doesn't it look delicious!! Have you heard of this trend? Will you be willing to try this new donut sushi? Don't hesitate and try it today!
These look SO yummy! Especially that second donut!
@MirandaKawahara girls night
Oh my god 😮