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For a man who claims, and I quote, "I seem like an adult but I’m really a child that’s really tall." [BIGBANG's Sober]. It looks like Tabii oppa is showing us what he really means with these photos of him and his adorable nephew!
I mean, don't get me wrong, we all know Tabii oppa is a major goof and doesn't hold back for a second when it comes to showering his nephew with love, but can he please understand that the rest of us fangirls are literally dying from cuteness overload!?!
Tabii oppa!
Why do you do this!?!
It's so cute that even tears have begun to weld behind my eyes! DX
Please stay a child forever dearest nephew, that way you can continue being the light in Tabii's eyes! <3
Tabii enjoys killing his fans with the feels. e.e
What do you think? Think Tabii will make a great father one day like he's proving to be an affectionate uncle?
Shoot us your thoughts! :D
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Thank you for tuning in to my fangirling!
Tabii oppa! Keep being a really tall child! D'X
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Thank you!
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oh.... Tabi and Hot dog... so adorable
tag me please
*is strucken with feels*
I adore it when he posts his little moments with his nephew. They make my heart swell and my ovaries explode at the same.
@shellyfuentes70 ~ I gotchu written down :3