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Hello... It's me... Nah kidding. Now why are we here or why are you here today?.. You saw the title and clicked it right? Now tell me...why did you click it hmm? Is it because you want to love Jungkook??? Or is it because you have this guilty side that secretly hates Jungkook and found this hoping you'd love Jungkook after reading this... (i hat u) And/or because just you want to know why you should love Jungkook? But seriously who wouldn't love Se- JUNGKOOK? LIKE HOW COULD YOU?!! I mean look at this pretty face right here right now:
See? BOY YOU JUST MADE A MISTAKE no...not really... BECAUSE YOU ARE ABOUT TO BECOME JK BIASED AND HE'S ABOUT TO WRECK YOUR BIAS LIST FOR GOOD 😂😩 I MEAN IT NOT TOO LATE TO BACK OUT NOW IS IT?! (its too late you can't go back) Here are 35 reasons why you should and have to love Jungkook:
cr:jeongmilk • • • They're not actually reasons but swear to god he wrecked/wrecking your bias list now isn't he 😏😉😂 ((He ain't ma bias but JEZZ 😭😭))

Look out for Pt.2 for the whole/other part of the 65 reasons!!

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He's my bae no matter what!!!! I totally love Jung Kook!!!!!! When I saw him in concert it was surreal!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Oh, and please add me to your tag list. Thank you.
Sure will^^
He was my very first K-idol crush just after their debut! Then I began to watch more and Jimin won me over for keeps. But will always have a soft spot for the maknae.
I want to hug this fetus.
@Mbrooks19 Thought you could relate to this. 😂👌
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