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Hello Hello!! I am here with another episode of Diamonds!! This one is especially long but very important. I hope you all enjoy it!!
If you haven't read Diamond's are a Girl's Best Friend I suggest you go read that before starting here because you will not understand half of what is going to happen this season. You can find all of those chapters....
SUMMARY: Three years after Nanami left Jin in the night, the boys have become well known and widely loved idols. She goes to every concert and watches every TV appearance, but with Rick on her heels she can never be near him. With another major heist in Korea can she contain the urge to reach out to him while she is back?
Now just to clear this up. The boy's personalities might be a bit different from what they are like in real life, but I do not personally know them and this a FICTION story. Please take this into account as you read. Thank You.
“You are really something.”
Nanami smiled innocently from her place on the couch, her legs thrown over Jin’s lap. “What?”
“Oh don’t give me that look.” Levi shook her head and popped the purple lollipop in her hand back between her lips.
“How did you know I was here anyway?” Nanami looked at Levi curiously as she sat in the love seat across the room.
“Oh a little birdy told me.” She laughed.
“Tweet tweet.” Nanami turned to look at Yoongi surprised. A small smirk crossed his lips and Nanami gasped.
“Wait.” Nanami sat up and shook her head. “You two never stopped talking did you?” A look of slight concern crossed her face. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Hey you were too busy hiding in the rafters your eyes glued to Jin to notice me down in the crowd.” Levi stuck her tongue out at Nanami and moved to cuddle up to Yoongi when he sat down next to her.
“You knew where Nanami was this whole time?” Jin looked more hurt than surprised. “You didn’t bother telling me this.”
“She wanted to try to stay away, so I didn’t tell you.” Yoongi shrugged.
“You watched me think I was going crazy! I thought I was hallucinating and you didn’t think that was a good time to tell me she was actually there?” Jin’s voice started to get louder as he glared at the other man. “Three years of thinking I was crazy and you didn’t even bat an eye?”
“What? You knew hyung?” Nanami’s eyes drifted over to the now angry Jungkook standing in the door way. “You couldn’t even tell us she was okay?”
Yoongi sighed and shook his head. “It wasn’t my place to get involved.”
“So you were okay watching me go crazy instead?” Jin moved Nanami’s legs and sat up to get a better look at Yoongi.
“She didn’t want to be found; you guys should just drop it.” Namjoon said as he entered the room.
“That isn’t the point Namjoon.” Jin growled.
“He could have at least told hyung that he wasn’t going crazy. Instead of us constantly trying to figure out if he really was.”
Jin rolled his eyes. “Not helping Jungkook.”
“What? I was the only one that believed you when you said you saw her!” Jungkook fired back.
“Excuse me.” Nanami said calmly.
“Well I wouldn’t have thought I was crazy if he would have told me he was talking to Levi.” Jin pointed at Yoongi.
“She didn’t want you to know where she was!” Yoongi had pulled away from Levi and shot a sour look at the older man.
“Excuse me.” Nanami interjected again.
“So what if she didn’t want me to know! You shouldn’t have wanted to watch me lose my mind!”
“Well if you didn’t pick a stupid baggage carrying thief who left you without even saying goodbye you wouldn’t be in this situation!” Jin and Yoongi both stood up their faces contorted into angry scowls and their voices rising higher than they had intended.
“Are you calling Nanami stupid then? Are you saying she is a problem?” Jin’s hands clutched into fists and Nanami would bet that Yoongi’s answer would end in either a swinging match or the end of the fight.
“Yah!!” Nanami jumped to her feet and stomped over to the boys a look of disapproval on her face. “First off….” She moved between the boys and pushed them roughly by their chests to separate them. “Do not talk about me like I am not here. Second, this is ridiculous. Why are you two fighting over something that happened, and now is over? I am here I am safe and you are not crazy.” She poked Jin in the chest. “Now I expect you all to have kissed and made up by the time I get back later.”
Nanami marched over and grabbed Levi by the wrist. “Let’s go.” Her voice dripped with irritation and she made a b-line for the door before any of the boys could say anything
“Sorry for what Yoongi said.” Levi looked apologetically at Nanami.
“Don’t worry about it.” Nanami chuckled. “I mean he does have a point.” She shrugged her shoulders and flopped down onto her bed. He was right after all. She did have baggage, and a lot of it. She was a thief and she did just up and disappear without saying goodbye to Jin. A sigh left her lips as she gently tugged at her hair. What was she thinking? She never should have agreed to stay; she was toxic for Jin to say the least.
“No you’re not.”
Nanami was snapped out of her thoughts at the sound of Levi’s voice. “What?”
“You are not bad for him; in fact, I think it was worse when you were gone. Yoongi would tell me how bad Jin was doing, but I didn’t have the heart to tell you what you were doing to the poor guy.”
Nanami sat up and looked at Levi. She sat comfortably in the chair next to the bed. “How bad was he?” Mentally she knew she shouldn’t be asking this question. Was she ready to know exactly what she had done to Jin in the last three years?
“Bad.” Levi shook her head and turned her gaze away from Nanami. “From what Yoongi told me, he wouldn’t eat for a while after you left, and you know how much he loves food. Then he stopped caring about all of his favorite things. He even went to all of the gem shows he would come across just in the off chance you would be there. Yoongi even told me when he started to see you.” She paused and looked back at Nanami. “He saw you the first time you went to see him you know.” Nanami shook her head. “He saw you and kept trying to tell the others that you were there. Of course the only ones who believed him were Yoongi and Kookie.” Levi sighed. “The moral of this story is, the guy really thought he was losing his mind. For his sake as well as your own. I think you should give him a chance.”
“But what if Rick comes back into the picture? What if he finds out about Jin? What would I do then?”
Levi chuckled. “Do what you do best eonnie, protect him from Rick. Don’t you think it’s time we finally stopped letting him rule our lives?”
Nanami nodded and bit her lip. She had totally messed up Jin’s life, and it wasn’t right for her to take off again. Besides, she could protect him and the others better if she was with them.
The moment the thought passed through her head ‘I Love You’ started playing and she smiled. Pulling out her phone she didn’t even need to look at the number to know who was calling. “Pretty Boy, to what do I owe this pleasure?”
“I’m sorry.”
“Go on.”
“I didn’t want you to see that. I was just mad at him, and I didn’t think before I reacted.”
“And?” Nanami couldn’t help the smirk that crossed her lips as she listened to his worried tone over the phone.
“Yoongi didn’t mean what he said. He was upset and knew that saying something about you would piss me off even more.” Nanami sat silently on the phone waiting to hear him crack. “Nanami? Nanami please forgive me? I love you. Let me make it up to you.”
“Make it up to me? How?”
“Let me take you out for our first official date.”
“Ew, I don’t do dinner and a movie Pretty Boy.”
“I promise it won’t be dinner and a movie.”
Nanami bit her lip and smiled. “Fine, but the moment I smell popcorn I am gone.”
She smiled brightly when she heard him laugh on the other side of the phone. “No popcorn, I think I have something even more fun in mind.” He paused for a moment. “Meet me here at Noon and we can get going then?”
Nanami looked up at the clock next to her bed. Only two hours until noon. “Okay I will be there.” She hung up the phone and bolted up out of her bed nearly scaring Levi to death. “Oh god…. What do you wear on a date?”
“Yes!” Levi tried to hold back the laugh that threatened to escape her lips.
“You are enjoying this way too much.” Namani pulled at the floral summer dress Levi had practically tackled her into.
“What? I never get to see you dressed up all girly girl.” Much to her dismay a giggle passed her lips as she looked at the disgruntled Nanami.
“See! Even you can’t take me seriously in this. I am changing!” Nanami pulled the dress over her head and threw it at the laughing Levi.
“Awe, but it looks cute! Jin would love it.”
“No Jin would wonder if I had bumped my head.” She pulled on a pair of black skinny jeans and a solid black shirt.
“Black on black, so unoriginal.” Levi shook her head. “At least wear some color. It’s not like we are going to rob a jewelry store. This is a date, change it up a bit.” The lollipop she had been holding found its way back into her mouth as she made her way into the closet. Nanami peaked her head around the corner curiously waiting to see what nightmare Levi would pull out this time. To her dismay Levi emerged from the closet a low cut pink v neck shirt in her hands. “Now,” She held up her hand to stop the protest that was already trying to leave Nanami’s mouth. “this isn’t too girly but it isn’t black. I picked a regular shirt and it’s Jin’s favorite color. I won’t take no for an answer. Just wear it.”
Nanami caught the shirt as it was thrown at her and she cringed slightly. She hated pink, really she hated most colors that were bright and girly. The stark difference between her side of the closet and Levi’s was like night and day. On the left there was nothing but black with a few speckled navy blue numbers, on the right… well it looked like a rainbow had exploded. “You need to meet him in 30 minutes. Unless you want to be late for your first date I suggest you put on the shirt and get going.” Levi smiled triumphantly and giggled as she walked out of the room.
Nanami turned around quickly and noticed the clock next to her bed was blinking 11:34AM at her in bright blue numbers. “Oh hell.” With one last reserved sigh she pulled the top over her head and ran out of her room. She couldn’t be late for her first day with Pretty Boy, she had already kept him waiting long enough as it was.
She vaguely heard a voice yell, “Have fun!” As she ran out the door. Nanami stopped as she was about to get into her car. ‘It’s the middle of the week and lunch time.’ She thought to herself. A smirk tugged at her lips as she made sure her shoes were tied tightly, then she took off at a run.
Jin stood outside of the dorm building looking down the street for any sign of Nanami. The watch on his wrist said it was ten minutes until noon, and he fought off the little voice in the back of his mind that said she wouldn’t come. He let his mind drift to what he had planned for the day, there was no doubt in his mind that Nanami would love it. They had never gotten the chance to go out on a proper date before, and he knew Nanami well enough to know that she wasn’t the kind of girl that wanted to go to an art exhibit or go sit in a movie. “She will love it.” He said softly out loud to himself.
“Are you sure about that Pretty Boy?” Jin nearly jumped as he spun around. He heard Nanami laugh at the look of confusion on his face as he searched for her. To say he was surprised when she jumped off of the fire escape and landed near him, was an understatement. “I know it has been three years since you worked with me, but I am pretty sure I always told you to not forget to look up too.”
He laughed and pulled her closer to him. “Do I even want to ask why you were on the roof,” He paused and took in the pale pink shirt she wore. “and why my thief is wearing pink?” The sigh and pout that followed his questions made him laugh.
“Well it was faster to get here by roof running than driving, and as for the shirt…” She shook her head. “Well Levi basically forced me into it. She said something about needing to put some color in my life, and that pink was perfect since it was your favorite color.” She pulled away and spun around before stopping to throw up a V with her fingers and a cheesy smile. “I can pull of girly don’t you think?”
Jin chuckled and pulled her in for a kiss. “I think pink suits you well.”
She scoffed and tapped his nose. “Well don’t get used to it Pretty Boy, I don’t do pink.”
“Well apparently you do.” He gestured to her shirt.
“Only because it was for you.” She pouted out her lip dramatically before stealing a sudden kiss. “Now, I remember you saying something about me loving the date?”
“Well come on my little thief, we have a date to start.” He grabbed her hand and led her to the car.
Nanami jumped clapping her hands together as she looked at the large building in front of her. The bright smile that crossed her lips brought out a smile from the watching Jin. “Oh you did well Pretty Boy!” She waited impatiently for him to put on his cap and mask. “Come on! Let’s go play!” She smiled and grabbed his hand making her way to the front door.
The sounds of bells, whistles, dings, dangs, and laughing people filled their ears the moment the door was open. The lights from the hundreds of games lit up Nanami’s face brightly. She had never been to an arcade before, but from what she knew about it, it did sound like a lot of fun. She stared in awe at the games wondering where to go first. “Come on.” Jin moved to pull her along with him to go get game cards.
She let her eyes wonder around at the crowded arcade for a moment before her excitement faltered. “We shouldn’t be here.”
“Huh?” Jin turned around to look back at her. He noticed her eyes scanning the many people in the arcade and his eyes softened as a gentle smile played on his lips. “Hey.” He looked at her and pulled down his mask just long enough to plant a kiss on her lips. “Don’t worry, everything will be fine. Let’s just have fun and act like a normal couple. Not an idol and a diamond thief.”
Nanami laughed and nodded her head. “You can be so persuasive when you want to be.”
One game turned into two turned into three and Nanami quickly forgot about Rick, diamonds, and crazy idol fans. All that mattered was spending time with the slightly uncoordinated Pretty Boy. She couldn’t help but notice his irritation at losing the shooting games, the basketball game, and even the claw game to her. “I know what we are going to play next.” He announced and pulled her over to the area with all of the racing games.
“Oh, Pretty Boy done losing to me?” She snickered at his playful glare. “This is hardly fair. I know how much you like to play Mario Kart.”
He pulled up her hand and kissed it through his mask. “All is fair in love and war my dear.”
“Oh now you are quoting books?” Nanami laughed as they sat down to play.
“I’m surprised a mere thief knew that reference.” He smirked as he slid their cards and started to set up the game.
“Oh!” Nanami looked at him in amazement. “Did my dear little Pretty Boy just give me sass?”
“I am learning from the best.”
“Oh it’s on!”
Four rounds later and the game was set at a tie. “This won’t do; we need to pick a tie breaker.” Nanami turned to look around at the few remaining games in the arcade. Her eyes drifted over the skeeball game, the wheel of fortune game, and the fighting game in the corner. None of them seemed right. “Oh!” Nanami jumped up and started to make her way to the other side of the arcade, Jin on her heels.
Jin stopped and shook his head laughing. “No, I am not playing that one.”
“Oh? Afraid you would lose to me?” Nanami smirked and turned around to start up the game.
“You do realize what I do professionally right?” Jin interjected looking back at the dance game Nanami had chosen.
“Then are you saying I won’t win for sure? You are a confident one.” Nanami picked a song and turned around to face him. “Don’t underestimate me Pretty Boy.”
The song started and Jin’s jaw dropped. Not only did Nanami start dancing but she was also singing along. He watched in surprise as she pulled off the moves perfectly. “Fine!” He jumped up and quickly picked up the dance with her.
Nanami laughed and sang loudly to Jin. Both of them were so lost in the song they didn’t notice they had started to collect onlookers. They both continued to try and out do the other one with each song that played. Everything was going fine, until Fire came on. Nanami laughed and tried to keep up but when Jin pulled out the actual choreography she was left in his dust. He sang each person’s part and danced along making people start to whisper.
When the song ended Nanami playfully glared at him. “You cheated!” She laughed.
“I did not cheat. I did warn you.” Both of them stopped and tried to catch their breath. “You just weren’t ready.” He laughed until he turned to look at the group of onlookers behind him. “Oh… hello.” He said shakily.
Nanami turned and smiled at the onlookers. “Seems we caught some attention.” She quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him down the aisle and through a door, hoping the people would disperse now that they were gone. When she looked around the room they were in her eyes lit up. “Oh this time you are in trouble Pretty Boy.” She pulled him to get into the line and pointed up at the sign.
“Laser tag? Now even I know I am in trouble with this one. I for one know what you do for a living.” He laughed.
“Awe, play with me?” Nanami pouted out her lip and blinked innocently at him.
“Fine fine, let’s go.” Jin said with a sigh.
“I can’t believe you lost to a 7-year-old little girl!” Nanami covered her mouth trying to muffle her giggles.
“Okay, I know I was pathetic. Can we drop it now?” Jin looked like he wanted to crawl under a rock, and Nanami couldn’t help but tease him more as his cheek turned a pleasant embarrassed pink. “We can’t all be like you Miss Gold Medal.”
Nanami chuckled and look down at the medal around her neck. “What? They were being rude, so I had to teach them a lesson.”
“Going all secret agent spy on them was a bit much don’t you think?” Jin raised an eyebrow and peaked at her for a moment before looking back at the road.
Nanami smirked and leaned over kissing him on the cheek. “No one calls my boyfriend a weak girly man and gets away with it.” She laughed. “Plus they got handsy so I might have gone a little far.” She looked at Jin trying to put on an innocent look.
“Yea they got handsy, but I think a few of them ended up in the hospital with dislocated shoulders.” He chuckled. “At least I don’t have to worry about you being able to take care of yourself. Not everyone has a girlfriend that can kick more butt than they can.”
Nanami laughed and nodded. “Yep, don’t worry my weak girly man, I will protect you.”
Jin scoffed. “Didn’t you just say no one can call me a weak girly man and get away with it?”
“But you are my weak girly man so I can call you it.” Nanami giggled and dodged his hand when it flew over to tickle her.
They were both pulled out of their conversation when Jin’s phone started to ring. He pushed a button on the steering wheel and the speakers came to life with the loud noise of the caller’s background. “Hyung. Where are you at?”
“Just heading back to the dorm with Nanami. What’s up?” Nanami quickly recognized the callers voice.
“Hey Yoongi.”
The voice on the other line got quiet. “Nanami I am sorry for what I….”
“Yah! Don’t go and get sappy on me now Yoongi! I know you didn’t mean it, but why did you call?”
“Oh, I wanted to see if hyung wanted to come play basketball with us.”
“We should go!” Nanami looked over at the slightly unappeased look on Jin’s face and laughed. “Where are you guys at?”
“At the court we like to go to by Han River.”
“Okay we will be there.” Nanami hung up the phone and poked Jin in the side. “Don’t worry my weak girly boy, I will help you win the game.”
This time Jin was able to get ahold of Nanami and tickle her thigh. “I will show you weak girly man.”
“There you are!” Levi ran up and wrapped Nanami in a hug. “How was the date?” She whispered into her ear.
“It was good, I enjoyed it.” Nanami said pushing her off of her. “What are you guys up to?”
“The boys decided they wanted to play basketball so I decided to tag along.” Levi shrugged. “You going to play or are you going to sit on the side lines with me?”
“Pfft me sit out and let the guys have all of the fun? Not likely.” She smiled brightly.
“Let’s go!” Taehyung called out bouncing the ball by the hoop.
“You sure you are ready to play with us Nanami?” Jimin smirked.
“Oh honey have we been apart long enough that you have forgotten who I am?” She winked at him and moved over to leave a soft kiss on Jin’s cheek. “You gonna be able to keep up?”
“Wait until tonight, I will show you keep up.” Jin shot back.
“Ooo feisty. I can’t wait to see that.”
“Yah! Let’s play ball, you guys can play with each other later!” Namjoon said as he rolled his eyes.
“Alright, but you asked for it Joonie.” Nanami responded and moved to get ready to play.
Nanami loved her Pretty Boy, but really athletic he was not. Her team was down by only one point. If they could get a shot in before the other team, then they would win. So far most of the points had been made by her and Yoongi.
She watched as a guarded Jungkook passed the ball to the open Jin in the middle and he stared at it like it was a foreign object. “Shoot Pretty Boy!” She called as she tried to shake Jimin. She watched as he lined himself up and took the shot. To everyone’s surprise… the ball went in. “Yay!” Nanami squealed and ran over to jump in to Jin’s arms. “You did it!” She gave him a kiss then pulled back giggling. “That deserves a present.”
“Oh? And what do I get for doing well?” He asked playfully.
“Hmm well I could always….” Nanami’s smiled faded quickly and she jumped out of his arms, and hid her face in his chest. “We need to go.”
Jin’s face turned into a look of concern and he tried to pull her away so she could look up at him. “What’s wrong?”
“We need to go now!” She said with a little more urgency.
Jin turned to look behind him where she had been looking and he froze. “Shit.”
Uh oh.... what's there? What made Nanami hide? Well as you all should know... things cant always go peachy in my stories. You will just have to wait and see.
As always... thank you for taking the time to read my story and I hope you enjoyed it!!
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