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As I'm waiting for my cookies to bake I thought to myself I haven't updates this story in a while and I have it sitting on my computer with the next chapter up and ready. So in between my baking I decided I'm going to whip up a card while I wait! lol Now there is two conversations going on and the gap shows some time has gone on in between them. I just figured I would let you know before you read it! And yes one of these conversations actually happened in real time (my roommate is having major issues with her computer)
can you guess who wore the pink dress. and whose chest that is omg the pics got cropped. lol
With just three more hours of the plan ride. Time was now starting to go by extremely fast. With idle chit chat among the guys and the pairings Trinity and I ended up talking to one another for a while. “I’m starting to want off this plane Trin.” I told her. “It’s only been half a day” Trinity said making it sound like it wasn’t that long. “You make it sound so short that way” I laughed. “Anyway I wanted to ask you something” I looked over at her. “What?” she asked. “Don’t tell me you want to stay in one of those capsule hotels were you sleep in that little cubicle. It’s too claustrophobic for me” she shuttered at the thought. I couldn’t help but laugh. “Capsule hotels are in Japan. You know we would have gone there for a couple hours with a layover in Tokyo. Knocked it off our bucket list” I told her. “Oh yea I forgot about that. And no I wasn’t to thrilled about where my luggage went to” she said. “I know, but you know it is a little better to lose it at the beginning of the trip than at the end. I mean you have all your important items in your carry on but on the way back with all the souvenirs and knick knacks I would hate to lose it on the way back. “ I explained to her. She sighed. ‘Ari, that doesn't help. I prefer not to lose it at all” she said. “Well duh, but if it happens” I shrugged. “So what is it you wanna do?” Trinity went back to asking “wait don't tell me, you want to go to that hair show that you've been talking about over the past week?, I already told you your doing that on your own. I'm not going to spend a hundred dollars to get into that fair and than end up buying products and spend a fortune!” Trinity exclaimed making me laugh. “ yup and we already discussed that. You're going off you visit the temple in the mountain the day I do that’ I told her “but that's not it” I added quickly before she could come up with another idea. “ They have a place or town, whatever that you can go to and dress up in those really old clothes they wrote back in the olden days-” “Are you talking about what happened in that drama you saw and those american tourists wanted to take a picture cause they were dressed in that funky dress and as an old school scholar?” Trinity cut in and asked. “Yes! I exclaimed. “ I'll go but I won't dress up” she said. ---- “Hey what ever happened with your roommate's computer?” Trinity asked after I pulled my tablet out. I had just turned it on when trinity asked. “Last I heard, I think a week ago, the computer they sent out, brand new, crashed five minutes after she turned it on.” I told her. I could feel Trinity cringe. “Yea Jen didn’t take it very well. She went into meltdown mode and we went through the phases she’s going through” I added. “What happened with the first two they sent out?” Trinity asked as she took the tablet and started going through the music. “Well the first one the keyboard and the screen were coming off but it still worked for the most part. The second one wouldn’t even turn on and now this one the hard drive crashed and than it tells her she needs a password to get into the computer. She’s having a tough time with technology” I explained the problems she’s been facing with her computer. “She’s gone through the stages of non-existent character to angry prisoner -” I was cut off. “Wait wait back up. Non existent character?” Trinity questioned. “Oh yea at some point because they were trying to get her to pay for another warranty on the computer she called herself a non-existent character from an unwritten book.” I explained. There was muffled laughter coming from ahead of us. “Okay, now the next question. Angry prisoner?” she asked. “Well see Jen was going on about how Lenovo takes no prisoners and than I butted in and corrected her by saying technically they do take you prisoner because they’ve deprived you from getting your computer fixed, getting your life together and no internet for three months. They’ve taken you prisoner” I went on to tell her than continued with the short story. “So after that Jen decided she liked the sound of that and was like well I’m not going to be an angry prisoner or one of those carefree prisoners. I’ve gone to Stalker prisoner. I will call them every day, send them messages off my phones internet and if I must go to facebook look them up and send messages there. I won’t give up!” There was a burst of laughter from ahead and this time I couldn’t ignore it I looked over the seat to see Namjoon and Suga curled up and holding onto each other as they laughed. I covered my mouth to stifle my laughter which brought Trinity’s attention to what was happening. “So after that I told her there were stages she was going through, first was angry prisoner, second is stalker prisoner, third is insane prisoner and than there was the abyss” I said which made them laugh harder. “What is past abis?” Namjoon questioned between laughter. “Oh well we actually did come up with that. Past abis is social media suicide. Which is where you start to attack through the media, call up tv stations for a story on them and their horrible service and if you can go on jerry springer, like who’s the baby’s daddy, except it would be which computer works” I said. “This sounds like a bunch of stages” Trinity said as I sat back in the seat and took the tablet from her to go through music choices. “Oh while we were talking about it I looking across the room and I swear the picture of B.A.P I put up, three of those guys were staring and it looked as if they were completely judging us” I told her. “Should I listen to B.A.P?” I asked her. I was creating a short temporary playlist for the next hour so I could get a little sleep “A poster judged you” Trinity laughed. “So hard” I agreed with her. “Ari there is a problem when your poster judged you for something you said” she laughed. “Well when it happens, it happens” I shrugged. I selected to listen to B.A.P, Exo, Got7, Royal pirates, Helly luv and yes my three favorite songs that were american. ‘Shut up and Drive’ and ‘Let me think about it’ which both came from St. Trinians movie and than my third song was ‘Down to the Second’ By Zach Berkman. “Do you think they will be okay?” I asked pointing ahead of us to the two guys who were still in a fit of laughter. “I don’t know” Trinity said. “Maybe” she shrugged. “Are you going to take a nap?” she asked me as I yawned. I was getting tired. This entire time I had yet to sleep and had been set to stay up the entire time but a sudden sleepyness had set over me and I had kept yawning through the entire story I was telling. “I’m fading. I don’t think I can stay up any longer” I told her. “Can you wake me in an hour?” I asked her. “Who will I talk to when you're asleep?” she asked. I raised a brow which made her laugh. “Good point.” When I got my headset in I pulled out my panda from my carry on at my feet and snuggled. I was just about to sleep when my earbud got pulled out and than my panda was being pulled from me. “Panda!” I called out grabbing onto the foot that I still had in my hand. “My panda!” I said again. Suga was staring down at me with the rest of my panda. “You can’t sleep!” he said tugging on panda. “Yes I can!” I whined as I pulled panda and reluctantly got him back. “I have a stuffed animal too!” he said brightly before he disappeared for a minute and than came back up with a stuffed dog in his hands. It was brown with black spots on it’s back and was in a sitting position. It’s large eyes looked like eyes and not little black beads. “See I call him Puggy!” he said chipperly. “Nice, he looks soft” I said reaching out to pet but he pulled it away and hugged it to his chest. “My Puggy!” he said, which made me think. “Did you just copy me?” I asked which made him laugh. “Oh you so did” I said as I set panda in my lap and than went to grab him. Instead of grabbing him though Trinity snuck in at some point and took ahold of the dog and snatched it out underneath us. “Muhaha mine now!” Trinity said. “Here you can have Birdy” She said handing her stuffed bear to suga. He looked at it and than at Trinity. “Are we trading?” he asked. “Not unless you give me this” she said holding up the dog. “I not” he said. “Are you going on about animals again?” Namjoon cut in to ask. “No. Ari is going to sleep with her panda and Trin Trin and Suga are going to talk and leave me alone to sleep” I said looking back and forth between the two. When neither said anything I put my headphone back into my ear and than with one last look turned the other direction and got comfy for a little nap.
@Izzy987 ding ding ding. correct. lol.
Jimin wore the pink dress That's rap mins chest and chin And the one with the heart I think is also Namjoon
Oh no you can't sleep lol...oh is there going to be a conversation between suga and trinity?