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Just a quick Little Question...

Have you Ever Bought Something, and Only Bought it because you saw your Bias use it?

Well, I did. Today, I actually went out and bought a Jenga Set!

That's Right. I bought a Jenga set just Because I saw NamJoon Playing it. So when I played it today, I imagined myself playing it with all of BTS with Joonie by my side.

Is there something that you bought just because you saw your bias using it?

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I've never done that actually. But I bought a beanie recently and found out that it's the EXACT same beanie as Marks. I died
a year ago·Reply
@KDluvR1999 timberlands are $100 now? Geez they used to be cheaper. You should get them customized!
a year ago·Reply
@XionHeart I was playing piano tiles and realized that one of the boys was playing it in a bangtan bomb lol
a year ago·Reply
Mark's hideous yellow donut sweater...
a year ago·Reply
@KarlythePanda66 I almost bought that same sweater one time. Lol
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