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Que tal peeps!

Every wonder how would your bias from BTS would cuddle? I found this cool source where the writer shares how she thinks each memeber would cuddle.

PG 13

These are not my own thoughts or words. I'm just sharing from the source. Click source link to visit actual page.

Do you agree?


Yoongi cuddles in multiple ways, all of them lazy but adorable. In bed he would always make sure to be the big spoon, one of his arms draped loosely over your waist pulling you closer to him whenever he felt the distance grow. He would be too busy sleeping to give you much attention though. When cuddling on the couch, he would like it best when your head was on his shoulder, his arm around yours, periodically giving you soft kisses on the forehead and rubbing your arm. Cuddles with Min Suga would be simple, but effective.


I can see Joonie liking you best on his lap. Like he would just have you lean back against him, his arms protectively around your stomach. That would be more than enough for him, really. He wouldn’t be much of a cuddler in bed. He would probably prefer resting with his head on your stomach or your head on his, just talking about everything and nothing. He might cuddle with you after sex though, leaned against the headboard or the wall or whatever with an arm around your shoulders as you snuggled into a comfortable position. Most cuddling with Leader Mon would have to be at your request, as it’s not his favorite form of affection.


In public, Jin would be a lot more conservative with your cuddling. It would probably be similar to Suga’s, although his grip would be tighter. However as soon as you two were alone he would be a lot more touchy-feely. He would be the guy who kisses you a lot whenever you’re snuggling together on the couch. He would always want to see your face, so would always have you in positions where he could admire you. It may sound strange, but I see him as a very dominant cuddler. Like Momma Jin is laying down the rules and you HAVE to follow them or no more cuddles for you. He would really like just laying in bed, facing each other with your hands on each other’s hips, close enough to kiss but far enough to get a good view of his entire upper body.


My dearest Hobi would favor silly cuddles best. He would like when you were laying in bed and wrapped your legs around him, your face buried in his back because you thought he was asleep. He would like cradling you in his lap as you watched ignored the film on TV, too busy kissing or talking about irrelevant things as he drew pictures on any and all of your exposed skin. He would like cuddle sessions turned tickle fights that resulted in more snuggles after you were both gasping for air from laughing so hard.

Papi chulo Jimin

Cuddling with Park Jimin means that he is in Cutie mode, not Sexy mode. He would be all eye smiles and singing stupid love songs he came up with on the spot, pushing your hair away from your face so he could kiss your flushed cheeks. He would hold you warmly but loosely wherever you were, making your comfort his first priority. Basically, he would let you decide the exact positions, as long as he got to hold onto you and make you smile he would be happy with pretty much anything. Once in a while making a pervy comment because he was actually sexy jimin all along and in disguise.

I did had to add that title lol.


Oh my god, cuddling with this ray of sunshine would be so cute and I just can’t handle it. Like you would always be so tangled up in each other, in random positions every time. He would kiss whatever body part his head just so happened to be near, and would intertwine his fingers with yours because apparently your legs weren’t tangled enough already. When around other people, it would be a lot more “normal”, but when you two got alone it would be so confusing and amazing at the same time. Sign me up please.


He would be tentative at first whenever you snuggled up against him on the couch. After a few minutes he would wrap his arm around you, and slowly but surely you two would begin your hours of peaceful, simplistic cuddles. Kookie seems like the kind of guy who doesn’t want anything particularly special when it comes to some quiet snuggling in bed. Maybe it’s all the plain t-shirts that makes me think that. Simple and sweet, he would sing quietly in your ear and debate kissing you as you both talked about random stuff that happened that day. While it might not be particularly extraordinary, he would always find ways to make up for it by making you feel special.
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I don't know how many times I watched that last gif 😂
*signs up as tribute*
Papi Chulo Jimin?...Papasote!!!😛😙 hahaha
Someone call the doctor I'm choking on cute.
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