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Alright I had started writing this on wattpad but kept forgetting to go back on and post more to it so I'm going to upload it here....also this is going to be different from my other stories because this one I actually use names...but feel free to take out the names and place your own in there.....Alright so enjoy this story! continue reading? Part 2
"Sarah you cannot be with him! You are leaving in 2 months and you live in a different country!" Megan said. It's weird to think of how I ended up in this position. If I hadn't gone to Seoul maybe I could have avoided it all. Let me rewind back to the beginning and how I ended up going to Korea. My friend was crazy about Kpop. I had no clue as to why she had gotten so obsessed. I liked Kpop but I didn't listen to it like she did. I liked some songs but not a lot. Thanks to her though I learned a different language which was pretty fun. She had come to me saying she wanted to spend a few months in Seoul and that she didn't want to go alone. Since we were best friends I went with her. She planned everything and soon enough we had started our adventure to Seoul. She was completely excited, I was excited as well but for a different reason. I finally was going to a different country to live, that was something I always wanted to do. She had found an amazing hotel that she was only planning us to stay in for a week until we could find an apartment we could rent for 3 months. When we got there after we went to the hotel and settled in we went to find food. We went to this noodle place that wasn't too far from the hotel. The shop owner was a little hesitant when she looked at us. We got that 'oh no tourists, they're going to want me to speak in English' look. Once we started talking in Korean her face relaxed. I was so hungry by the time we got our food, and I stuffed my face, my friend started laughing at me and made the comment that I fit in here because of how I eat. Finally after eating I cleaned myself up. I did eat messily after all. Since it was night time here and we weren't completely tired yet we explored the area just so we could familiarize ourselves. Finally we decided to go back to our hotel we needed to get on the right schedule with the time change. Once we got to our beds we passed out. The next thing I woke up to was Megan jumping on the bed trying to wake me up. After a battle I got out of bed and got dressed then went to have breakfast at a café and then she told me the plan for the day. Her main reason for coming to Korea was to see all the Kpop entertainment buildings. She wanted to actually see where the Kpop artist she loved so much practiced and lived. We went through several of the entertainment buildings. SM and JYP, YG, Cube and Starship just to name a few and finally we were going to our last one which was Big Hit Entertainment. She was very happy because she had seen many artist she recognized, although she didn't get to talk to them she saw them from a distances. I was happy because this was the last stop. For some reason there were a lot of people on this tour, for such a small building I would have assumed not a popular building. I decided since I really didn't need to be stuck in the middle of the group I went to the back. I realized my shoe had become untied so I stopped and started to tie my shoe. I tighten the other to make sure it wasn't going to come undone as well and then I stood up. I realized that my group was gone, including my friend. Panic set in and I started to run to the way I thought they had gone. I did not want to get in trouble for not being with the tour group. As I turned the corner I ran into someone and fell backwards onto the ground. "Ouch!" I looked over at who I had bumped into. It was a very attractive guy. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry I lost my group and was trying to find them." "It's okay.... Are you okay?" he said holding out his hand for me to take. "Yeah I'm fine..." I grabbed his hand and he pulled me up. He was strong I didn't even need to help get me up. "Thank you" "Your welcome.... You speak Korean really well are you part Korean?" He asked "Oh no, I just learned it with my friend so we could come here and be able to understand those around us." This guy was something I wasn't used to, I would have liked to stay there and talk to him all day but I did have a friend I had to get back to. I guess he sensed this because then he started talking. "So you were on the tour.... They normally go this way so their probably not that far." He pointed in the direction to go. "Awesome! Thank you!" I said and started to walk the direction he told me. "Wait!" I turned around. "You don't know who I am?" "No... Am I supposed to?" I asked confused, I know this is the first time I ever met him. "Well I just figured because you were here on the tour you knew who I was." He stated "Oh no, I don't know sorry, my friend is the one who knows about this place. She is the one obsessed with Kpop." "You don't like Kpop?" he asked rubbing the back of his neck. "No I like it, but I don't know artists really or what they look like." I guess he was really shocked by this. "What's your name?" I asked now curious. "Jeon Jungkook from BTS" "Hi Jeon Jungkook, I'm Sarah. It was nice meeting you. Thanks for all your help." I said waving to him as I ran off to find the tour group. Once I found them Megan looked at me and walked over. "What happened to you?" "I stopped to tie my shoes and when I looked up you guys were gone." "You missed a good portion we went into one of the practice rooms.... No one was in there though." "Oh well its ok. Hey I have a question is there a group called BTS here?" She looked at me like I was crazy. "YES! That is why we are at this building, they work out of here." She said a little too loud "Sorry" she said to the tour guide. "Well I feel kind of bad now." I whispered. "Why?" Megan asked leaning in "I met a member of the group, he was confused as to why I didn't know who he was." "Who was it!?!?!?!" She asked looking at me and smiling. "Um...... it was......" As I was about to say his name the girls in the group started screaming. We turned our attention to the direction that the girls were looking at. There were 7 guys walking towards the tour group.
so what did you think? Any suggestions on anything? I saved my bias for last Cuz I felt it would be unfair to do him first lol...anyways....
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