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Sorry I don't really post things too often or at all~~ but I wanna try to start posting more often and be more involed OK as you can from this title it going to be about his amazing voice. Like I mean seriously can we give a moment of silence just to praise how amazing his voice when he is doing a cover or just by himself singing?! So just about 10 minutes ago I found this amazing video which is only about 17 second but it's still amazing of him singing "See You Again". Most of you guys probably have already seen it but some of maybe have not. After listening to this I really want him to do a cover of that song and a lot more other song. I mean it's a easy way for him to practice English right? I know that BTS have been really busy and working super hard and getting ready for KCON NYC & LA but I really wish they would have time to themselves to do whatever they want and just take a break....
And here other video of V singing in English and other members of doing cover of "See You Again"