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I mean whenever I see photos and clips of this anime... I can't help but feel sad all over again.
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i want to watch this so badly but it's sad so I will wait until the right moment😭
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@animerg13 i agree. it's an acquired taste. i found it weirs at first too but i learned to love it. lol
a year ago·Reply
@CindyLin not so sad for it to be unwatchable. then again i wouldn't know what is "sad" to you. i guess if you've watches hybrid child you'd be okay with this.
a year ago·Reply
@aiaconcarne Omg hybrid child was so sad, so I guess this will be sad too 😭
a year ago·Reply
i feel the same bro i watch if like 4x already still cant get over with this anime. And I Hate The Ending 😢😢
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