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Imagine that, 1896. Those times were a period of big changes in Japan, when everything Western was considered advanced and good, including eyes that had the folded eyelids of the Westerners (most East Asians have a monolid). People still hold Western beauty standards to women in East Asia, including big eyes, high noses, and big breasts. This has given birth to a multi-billion dollar plastic surgery industry. I sometimes see plastic dolls walking down the street and think to myself, "Do they think that's beautiful??" source: http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2013/06/south-korean-high-schoolers-get-plastic-surgery-for-graduation/277255/
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wuhhhhh colored contactssssss?
@oj1992 thanks yeah that would be a good card... wish i had photoshop on my laptop xp
@kristenadams there are these things called circle lenses that make your eyes bigger than normal! (like the circle on the lens is wider than the colored part of they eye. Very popular in East asia!
@beeonka wut the helllll thats effin weirddddddd LOL
I'm shocked that this dates so far back! and I'm impressed at the same time too! 馃樃