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I never heard this version before, but this is just as good.. Astrud Gilberto has a beautiful face and a beautiful voice. Ah..I would marry her in an instant
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@minjaeturtles im half brazilian :3 you?
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@beeonka I'm Korean, studying in the US but home for the summer. Brazil is at the top of my list of places to go!
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@minjaeturtles awesome, you gotta go to Rio and check out the beaches in the north of brazil if you can :DD I know a lot about traveling to brazil because my parents are travel agents to brazil! also allows me to travel a lot in brazil for free/cheap :DD
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@beeonka that's awesome! does that mean I can call you up when I decide to go to Brazil? :D
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@minjaeturtles haha yeah fo sho~ :D
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